WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Talks WWE Pitching Ideas To Him With His Career In And Out Of The Ring

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan may be out with an injury, but he feels ready to go and has reportedly passed all tests WWE has had him go through. While the WWE doctors do not want to clear him potentially due to the concussion lawsuit WWE is facing right now, other outside doctors have cleared Bryan to go back to the ring. Bryan has even been working on jiu-jitsu while he has been out and has improved to a blue belt in the martial art. This says a lot.

All of that being said, Daniel Bryan appears to be ready to come back, but for now, he is on the sidelines. Bryan has been in the media a lot lately, as he has basically been put in an ambassador role for the company, so that he at least has something to do while he is out of action. Bryan spoke to Pass The Popcorn about a number of things from his in-ring style to what he would do when he returns.

Regarding what he would do when he returns, he claimed the following.

“Well, it depends on where things are when I come back. I mean right now, John Cena isn’t on the show but he’ll be back for sure, so it all depends. That said, I was really disappointed when I had to give up the Intercontinental title because I wanted to turn that into a main event title. I would love to come back and feature in the Intercontinental title picture, especially with Kevin Owens now as champ. That would be something really fun for me.”

On if he ever considered changing his in-ring style due to the injuries he has suffered, he said the following.

“My wife would like me to! She’d like me to take fewer risks. But here’s the problem with that – I’m the underdog. I’m not six feet tall; I’m five foot eight and one hundred eighty five pounds, so I am going to get thrown around. I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas and stuff, but that’s the style of wrestling I enjoy doing. I like flying around but yeah, I’m going to have to do some things to limit the injuries I think.”

On what WWE felt he could do while he was out of action, he said the following.

“They [WWE] asked me a bunch of stuff of what I’d like to do like announce or be a trainer at NXT. I’m sure at some point in my life I would but right now it would be too soon.”

Bryan IC Title [Image via WWE]Bryan talking about a potential return at all seems like a great thing. WWE pitching him any idea or talking with him on what he would do makes a lot of us have hope for a return to the ring. Meanwhile, WWE seems to respect Bryan enough to want to use him as a trainer down in NXT at the Performance Center or on the announce team, due to the fact that he knows what goes on in the ring and how to do it as well as anyone on planet Earth.

While it may make sense for Daniel Bryan to change his style up in an effort to save himself from getting hurt again, he is right in the fact that he has to do a bit more to stand out. He cannot work like a big man, and he cannot work as a man of normal size either. However, some would say he could have a style similar to Eddie Guerrero. This allows him to be a high flyer, but also far more technical without the risk of many high risk moves. There are some calculated risks, but at times there is just too much. That being said, we will have to see what happens if and when Bryan returns.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]