Man With One-Inch Penis Thought He Was Only Sufferer In World For 60 Years

A man suffering from hypospadias, which is a congenital defect that affects the penis and blights one in 125 men, has opened up about his condition, admitting that he felt he was the only person in the world who suffered from it.

Sixty-two-year-old Steve Baker has opened up to the Daily Mail about his condition, stating that until as recently as three years ago that he believed he was the only person in the world who suffered from it.

The cause of this condition is that there is a malformed opening on either the shaft or base of the penis. This means that they might also have “micropenis,” which means that it measures less than two-and-three-fourths inches long.

micro-penis-steve-baker [Image via Shutterstock/ostill]Baker, who hails from Essex in England, admitted that because his penis is only just over an inch long, and then around four inches once it is erect, his self-confidence has been blighted for years.

Baker explained, “There is no question it affected my self-confidence and my entire personality because of the importance that society places on the size of men’s penises.”

Speaking about how it has affected him, Steve Baker admitted that even though he is a keen swimmer, he can’t wear swimming trunks, describing them as “torture.”

Baker also revealed that even though when he was growing up, his two siblings didn’t tease him because of his condition, further issues did arise when he underwent an operation at the age of 21.

A urologist from New Zealand, where Steve was trained and working as a farmer, accidentally removed the tip of his penis. Because of this error, not only was Steve’s penis mutilated even further but it made orgasms impossible.

However, Steve was soon able to find love. And by the age of 29 he had married the sister of one of his best friends. They ultimately moved away from New Zealand over to Edmonton in Canada, where Steve trained to work as an oil industry accountant and where he still lives.

The story doesn’t really have a completely happy ending though. Because even though he fathered two sons with his wife, who are now aged 30 and 28, their marriage actually collapsed back in 2001.

Speaking of the disintegration of their marriage, Steve admitted that the pair “weren’t destined to be together” before explaining that their sex lives were in disarray because it was just “so difficult” for the pair to have it.

micro-penis-condition [Image via Shutterstock/Rommel Canlas]Steve also admitted that since the end of his marriage he has only had one “proper” relationship. But while he has struggled to find someone else to start a relationship with Steve did admit that he has found some comfort in the fact that he isn’t the only person who suffers from this condition.

After learning that there were others, Steve remarked, “It was a huge relief to learn I wasn’t the only man affected.” But how did he learn that he wasn’t? Well, now that he is retired and enjoys exploring the Canadian outdoors with hiking, cycling, and playing badminton, Steve also explores the internet.

During one such online expedition Steve discovered further details about hypospadias and even stumbled upon information that confirmed it was much more common than he realised. He even perused through several internet groups.

[Image via Shutterstock/PrinceOfLove]