Kendall Jenner's Sexy Bikini Snap Bravely Replicated By Mother, Praise Goes Viral

Kendall Jenner didn't rack up 107 million Instagram followers out of thin air. With a steady stream of sultry underwear and thong bikini snaps, this supermodel goes all-out with her updates.

On April 10, 2019, Kendall's name made The Daily Star's headlines. Kendall herself isn't taking center stage, though. Australian mother and comedian Celeste Barber now finds herself receiving overwhelming praise for taking one of Kendall's bikini shots and giving it a go herself. While Celeste posted the shot back on April 1, the viral nature of the reaction only seems to have taken off in the last few days.

As the British newspaper states, Barber's "parodies" are widely known. They're also followed on an Instagram account that boasts 5.5 million followers. Bravely baring the "wobbly bits" that so many women feel insecure about, Celeste's April 1 update takes an old bikini post from Jenner (and straight-up copies it).

A side-by-side shows the same window-side setting. Both women are holding a camera. Everything from their poses to their outfits are twinning. The picture itself has generated an immense wave of positivity.

"Celeste. Thank you for showing a [sic] awesome mom bod, with that waist crease. I am not going to say anything negative about the models [sic] body, because a long time ago, two children and about two decades ago, I had a body very similar..."
One mother replied to the picture with her own feelings on body image.Admittedly, the post is a brave move. Kendall Jenner is envied by millions of women worldwide. With long limbs, a slim waist, and the family's signature curves, this Kardashian-Jenner is a bonafide icon. As of 2019, Kendall is the face of La Perla, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Tiffany & Co. She has previously modeled for Victoria's Secret, alongside countless runway shows.

As of April 10, Celeste's post has racked up over 320,000 likes. For anyone wondering if the act was a challenge, the word itself is referenced in Celeste's caption. It is, however, one that has been "accepted."

The post comes two weeks after Celeste posted a similar swimsuit shot. Once again, she is seen in a side-by-side. Inviting the general public to compare your body to that of a supermodel isn't for the faint-hearted.

"You look better!"
Responding to the April 1 post, one fan made their thoughts perfectly clear. The comments are largely from mothers. Kendall is the only member of the famous five sisters not to have children. Kim Kardashian is set to welcome her fourth. Kourtney Kardashian is a mother of three. Both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are mothers to baby girls.

Kendall regularly breaks the internet with her Instagram updates, but April 10 is Celeste's chance to shine.