Britney Spears Abs Are Rock Hard [Photos]

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been working on her body for some time now and was happy to share her awesome progress with social media.

According to Huffington Post, Britney Spears has been sharing pictures on her Instagram account that has her sporting crop tops and showing off her amazing abs. The 34-year-old pop star has a lot on her plate as she is scheduled to return to her residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which has been extended its shows into 2017.

Britney Spears was seeing heading into a dance class to perfect her routine before she has to be back on the Las Vegas stage on December 27. This comes just weeks after she posted a video of her dancing to Adele’s last hit “Hello.”

Britney Spears is a huge fan of Adele and Adele was happy to state how she feels about the pop superstar

“Obviously, I hope that I bring joy to people’s lives, not just sadness. And I find that most people feel quite relaxed around me. I’ve met a couple that, have been a bit hysterical — like, uncontrollable shaking and stuff like that. But I’m like, ‘C’mon. Stop it. It’s just me. I’m not Britney. What’re you doing?’ “

Spears has been in the studio working on her latest studio album. This would be her ninth studio album release but with mix reviews on her last release, Britney Jean, the world is waiting to see what will be offered next. Prior to that album Femme Fatale had three top-ten singles in the United States. Which lead her to being one of the highest paid female musician in 2012. Hopefully her next album will bring back that level of success.

There has yet to be any word on when her latest album will be released. It is possible that her latest album will be entitled B9, as Britney shared a photo with the B9 hashtag, but it may also just represent that this will be her ninth album.

Britney Spears has been gaining major success with her “Piece of Me” show, her residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The show has been running for two years and has been extended for an additional two years. Britney is pulling almost one million per show and and performs 50 shows each year. It is understandable why it is one of her main focuses at this time.

Sources state Britney will be giving a make-over to “Piece of Me” in 2016, changing about 50 percent of the shows content. According to PopCrush, there is no word on what exactly will be changed in the coming weeks but it should be an exciting change to the pop stars show and should have some much demanded performances from Britney.

Britney Spears has been a pop sensation for many years, in recent years there has been negative media surrounding her, which has ranged from her behavior, her singer and the shape of her body. It seems that Britney has been whipping every aspect of her life in shape. Britney Spears is now seen as a wonderful mother, an amazing pop superstar and has a body that has been accused of breaking the internet. Britney Spears seems ready to take the world by storm and we are happy to watch as Britney works her way back to the top.

[Image by David Becker/Getty Images]