‘Mike & Molly’ Canceled? Sixth Season Will Reportedly Be The Last

The highly anticipated sixth season of Mike & Molly will reportedly be the last. Although the cast reportedly knew about the cancellation for several weeks, the announcement was made by Rondi Reed via social media and discussed by Billy Gardell during a subsequent interview.

The comedy series, which premiered in September 2010, centered on the relationship between Mike Biggs, played by Billy Gardell, and Molly Flynn, played by Melissa McCarthy. During the first season, Mike and Molly met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and ultimately fell in love.

Over the next five years, Mike & Molly won two Primetime Emmy Awards, an ASCAP Film and Television Music Award, a BMI Film & TV Award, and a Young Artist Award.

In March 2015, CBS confirmed the popular series would return for a sixth season. In the official announcement, the network noted that Mike & Molly has “a devoted fan base that excitedly tune in each week for new episodes.”

At the time the announcement was made, the series was first in its Monday time slot — among adult viewers between the ages of 25 and 54. The March 2015 data indicated an increase of 20 percent increase in viewership from March 2014.

Although CBS reported an increase in viewership, IMDB is currently reporting a 36-point decline in the comedy’s popularity. In a December 9 Facebook post, Rondi Reed confirmed the sixth season will be the series’ last. However, she did not reveal why Mike & Molly is being cancelled.

“The network has its reasons, and I will not get into a debate, discussion, or campaign to get them to change their minds.”

Although the cancellation is certainly disappointing, Reed thanked her colleagues and fans for their ongoing support.

“I remain extremely grateful to have been a part of this and to have worked with a fabulous bunch of folks… I have learned a lot about many things, including the Business we call Show. Also grateful for all the fans and for the personal support I have received… “

Rondi said writer Chuck Lorre has “explored” other possible venues. However, there are no current plans to revive the series elsewhere.

In an interview with CBS58, which was published on December 10, Billy Gardell also discussed the cancellation of Mike & Molly. Although he did not specifically confirm the series was cancelled, Billy said “he thinks it might be the end… “

For Gardell, the television series was a turning point in his life and career. However, he has never taken his success for granted.

On the day he learned CBS picked up the show, the comedian and his wife had exactly $7.81 in their bank account. To this day, Billy said has the number “781” written on the corner of his bathroom mirror — as a reminder of how far he has come.

As expected, fans are having mixed reactions to Reed’s announcement. Although some fans simply refuse to believe Mike & Molly will be cancelled, others have expressed strong disappointment.

In response to Rondi’s original post, Facebook user Mike Melendez suggested that CBS had “ruined Christmas.” In the same thread, Facebook user Tim Helton called the announcement “crushing.”

“I love the show and had hoped it would be on TV for us to enjoy for several more years. I am grateful that I discovered so many wonderful actors from it, including… Melissa McCarthy and Cleo King. You stole the show, Miss Reed, when you were in any scene. I wish you much success in the future.”

In addition to cancelling Mike & Molly, CBS reportedly shortened the sixth season from 22 episodes to 13. According to Reed, taping is expected to conclude on January 27, 2016, and she is unsure “when/if the episodes will all be aired.”

[AP Photo/Chris Pizzello]