ISIS Christmas Display Causes Concern For Maine Residents

An ISIS Christmas display had some Maine residents concerned that a supporter of the terror group was among them and wasn’t shy about saying it.

A house in Limerick had a display which seemed to be spelling out the word “ISIS” in red Christmas lights, and neighbors were so concerned that they decided to call the police about it, according to Daily News. The rest of the house was outlined in colorful Christmas lights, and there appeared to be a brightly lit person, or Santa Claus, standing on the railing on the upper deck above the ISIS sign.

Not only did the concerned neighbors call the police, but they called media outlets, too.

The York County Sheriff’s Office investigated the complaints and noticed that there was indeed an ISIS sign lit up in red Christmas lights, but what other people failed to notice was that the figure on the railing above was Santa Claus “urinating” on the ISIS sign.

ISIS Christmas display

Apparently, the man who lived inside the house wanted to make a statement about how he feels about the terror group, and he thought the best way to do it would be to string up a very brightly lit Santa Claus above the ISIS sign and use white lights as the “urine.”

According to the Portland Press Herald, York County Sheriff William King explained the man who owned the anti-ISIS display realized there may be some confusion about his display when deputies showed up at his door. Perhaps he should have used yellow lights instead of white, and there would be less confusion about what was going on with Santa.

“Sheriff’s deputies visited the home and the word ‘ISIS’ is lit up bright and clear. What is not so clear is that Santa Claus is ‘relieving’ himself on the words. Deputies spoke with the homeowner explaining why the sheriff’s office took an interest in his holiday display and the homeowner stated he was going to rearrange the lights to clear up any doubts about his message.”

Although the display may be controversial to some, the police reassured the public that the homeowner did not do anything wrong and they did not encourage the homeowner to change the sign or to take it down.

The man who owns the home obviously is no stranger to expressing his opinions publicly on his property. A Confederate flag can be seen in one of the windows of his home.

Police did not identify the man because he asked to remain anonymous.

Christmas Display

The decorator of the ISIS Christmas display said he believes his unique light arrangement to be “pro-America,” according to the sheriff.

“He doesn’t like what’s going on in the world, so he wanted to make his own little political statement,” King said.

This isn’t the first person who has used decorations to make a statement about ISIS. Last Halloween, a person in Butler, New Jersey, used his yard to make a garish political statement about Barack Obama and ISIS. His neighbors were less than thrilled, confused, or indifferent, according to NJ Advance Media.

The homeowner had his Halloween decorations up since September 11, and he said he did not care what others thought or if they were offended. He said he was more offended by ISIS than by what others thought of him.

These homeowners are certainly using their freedom of speech rights, and while others may consider it distasteful or may cheer them on, they are certainly getting attention. Whether ISIS is taking any notice of the displays is anyone’s guess.

[Photo by York County Sheriff’s Office]