Harry Styles Gets Eyed By Mick Jagger, But Not For ‘Ab Fab’ Role?

Harry Styles, Mick Jagger are fond of each other and Mick re-proves that.

December has been a strange month for Harry Styles, and it appears to be getting weirder. However, for fans that were hopeful for Harry Styles to be a Mick Jagger look-alike in a movie may be disappointed. Instead, fans may have to settle for Harry Styles’ recent photos of him wearing 1970’s-style, Jagger-flashback bell bottoms at the BBC Music Awards.

Earlier in the year, it was rumored that Harry Styles was open to starting an acting career after One Direction went on break in 2016, according to E! Online. In fact, there was an idea that Harry Styles would act in a movie based on the BBC television series, Absolutely Fabulous.

According to the Mirror, around September 10, insiders said that Harry Styles was being eyed for a cameo by the creator and star of Absolutely Fabulous, Jennifer Saunders.

Part of the reason fans thought Harry Styles would be great for Absolutely Fabulous was due to the fact that it was rumored there would be a younger version of Mick Jagger in the movie.

Of course, many fans believe that Harry Styles and Mick Jagger look a lot alike, especially when Mick was Harry’s age, according to Buzzfeed. On top of that, the idea that Harry Styles would play the young lover of the Mick-Jagger-obsessed main character, Patsy, was a fan favorite.

Regardless, the rumors about Harry Styles playing a young Mick Jagger in Absolutely Fabulous do not currently seem to be panning out.

However, fans will officially know if Harry Styles is an actor in Absolutely Fabulous when it is released on July 4, 2016, according to Queerty.

In the meantime, RT News reports that Mick Jagger is looking in Harry Styles’ direction once again. In the past, Harry Styles and Mick Jagger have interacted, and Mick states the following about Harry in a recent interview.

“He’s got it going on. I know him, he comes to see me in lots of shows. And yeah, I can see the influence. But I don’t say anything to him, I just tell him he looks nice. I like him. He’s very decent.”

Sadly, this is not the weirdest incident in Harry Styles’ life in December. Teen Vogue reports that Harry Styles is being accused of breaking Greg James’ nose — but it turns out it was for a skit.

Mick Jagger knows that people think he looks like Harry Styles.

Adding to the list of Harry Styles’ oddball December, Cosmopolitan may have commissioned a latte with the foam whipped just right to resemble Harry Styles. In addition to making Harry Styles the subject of latte art, foam artist, Michael Breach, has also done other celebrity faces in dairy and coffee.

MTV reports that Harry Styles may be in some odd business with Matt Healy of the band The 1975. As it turns out, Matt Healy made out heavily with a cardboard likeness of Harry Styles in a new video. Matt Healy also made out with Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran’s images in the video — but not all gave Healy permission to use their image in his video.

Thankfully, Matt Healy got permission from Harry Styles and about the incident, Healy states the following.

“I didn’t know I was gonna make out with them. I just did it. None of my make out sessions are ever planned.”

Finally, it appears that it will be a long time before Harry Styles is able to live down the pants he wore at the BBC Music Awards. Although some news headlines have been forgiving, GQ gets right to the point and says Harry Styles was wearing a fashion disaster that made them think of Jack Skellington.

Harry Styles looks bad in bell bottoms according to some.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]