Ronda Rousey: Does She Dig Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s Ex, After Confessing ‘Lesbionic Feelings’?

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have had a complicated relationship following their divorce in September last year. Although the main cause of their divorce is still largely unknown, it was suggested that Wiz Khalifa’s infidelity was the cause. According to the Page Six, Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa in bed with two women who were apparently twins.

This is according to statement by Peter Rosenberg – one of Amber Roses’ closest friends and confidant. He offered that Amber knew that she and Wiz Khalifa had a few problems in their relationship, but wasn’t aware that it was bordering on dysfunctional. The following was his actual revelation.

“I believe from my relationship with Amber, that she knew they had problems, she knew he [Wiz Khalifa] wasn’t happy — she wasn’t happy either — but she was also like, ‘He’s touring, he’s going through a lot, and at some point we’re going to work on this again. It’s a marriage.”

He also described the moment Amber Rose found Wiz Khalifa cheating saying, “Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time. Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters.”

Jas and Ness [Image via Instagram]
Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj [Image via Twitter]

“It was a home. It wasn’t some new home that was just his. It was a home that he had. That she slept in. That’s how she got in. She had a key. This wasn’t some separate thing. It’s a place she goes to.”

Rose also took care to shoot down rumors of Amber Rose cheating on Wiz Khalifa with Nick Cannon, dismissing them as “nuts” and saying, “You all can say what you want about Amber Rose. Amber Rose is a smart-ass, savvy businesswoman who, before any of this happened, she was hustling. She signed with Incredible, Nick Cannon’s company. She would never then sleep with the dude that she signed with.”

Presently, there have been speculations that Amber Rose is dating Odell Beckham Jr, a receiver for the New York Giants. According to Hollywood Take, the two met after being introduced by a mutual friend and have gone on several dates. Apparently, Odell Beckham has been trying to get into a relationship with Amber Rose for months.

Most recently, Amber Rose confessed to having “lesbionic” feelings towards Ronda Rousey. Speaking to TMZ, she stated, “I have lesbionic feelings for Ronda,” after being asked if she still had the fighter’s back after her loss to Holly Holm.

Of course, considering the fact that Ronda Rousey is currently dating UFC’s Travis Browne and is currently working hard to regain her title from Holly Holm, it can be assumed that the feeling isn’t mutual.

However, it is worth considering that the curvaceous Amber Rose is almost never short of male suitors. This year, she has been rumored to have dated several celebrities including Machine Gun Kelly, an American rapper. In May this year, he confirmed the relationship while on an interview with AOL Build saying, “Ya’ll know what’s up!”

According to E Online, Amber Rose also confirmed the relationship while speaking to Real 92.3, saying, “We’re just getting to know each other. He’s a really nice guy. He treats me really, really nice, and I have a blast with him.”

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