Miley Cyrus May Have Taken The Phrase ‘Sex Sells’ Too Far This Time

Miley Cyrus has just released the music video for her latest single “BB Talk” and has apparently morphed from a woman to a singing infant. The controversy surrounding her video is that Miley often appeared naked in her adulthood, and baby Miley Cyrus is just as naked and just as raunchy.

The message in “BB Talk,” is revealing how men have the tendency to sweet talk women into giving them what they want, according to a synopsis by People magazine. The question is, if Miley Cyrus is sending a message to her suitors to stop these degrading practices, why do the images in the video contradict that statement? The fact the “sex sells” never falters, but has Miley Cyrus gone a bit too far with this one?

In her new video, Cyrus has three profound images that when linked with the lyrics in the song “BB Talk,” send very controversial and subliminal messages. First, she is dressed in a cloth diaper and bonnet while doing very strange activities with a large bottle. Specifically, Miley holds the large bottle to her mouth and between her legs. The lyrics in “BB Talk,” while this suggestive behavior is happening, prove just how sexual the images really are.

“F- me so you stop baby talkin. You know it’s sweet and you couldn’t be more opposite of my last d-head but you know I don’t know if I can get over the f-g goo and Why the f- would I want to lick your teeth? But I do.”

Miley’s second obscene setting is in a crib, where she wiggles and humps the mattress while wearing pigtails. People have recognized two things wrong with this image. One is that the singer is wearing a baby’s onesie that does not actually cover her pelvic region. Another thing that was noticed is that Cyrus doesn’t look like a baby at all in this scene, but looks more like a little girl. This, according to some, can be a very dangerous image to portray.

The third controversial image in Miley Cyrus’ “BB Talk,” video shows her in a pajama suit, straddling the head of a stuffed puppy and erotically sucking on a pacifier. In this scene, Miley Cyrus appears older than all of the other images, this image was interpreted as sexualizing children in general, not merely babies.

Despite Miley taking extreme measures to break out of the “good girl,” image that Disney first presented her as, many of her fans are still children. Therefore, releasing images of herself as a half naked child sends a certain message to her child fans, which according to recent research, tells those kids that it okay to be sexual. Dr. Fred Kaeser accounted a class visit to students around the ages of five and six who were very aware of certain sexual things going on in popular culture and the media. He stated that these images alone, which are not directly linked to children, causes them to be sexual. With that knowledge, just imagine how sexualized children will become when the images look just like them.

Miley Cyrus is exploiting minds in a world where approval usually means absolutely nothing. Because of this, the responsibility to protect the innocent images of children and innocent mindsets of children lays with Miley Cyrus. Her most recent statement, however, indicates that she has no intention of doing so. She stated that she thought the world was passed the point of being shocked by her actions, which insinuates that there is more thrusting and licking to come. The only question standing is, how far can Miley Cyrus go before the world finally says enough is enough?

Watch Miley Cyrus’ “BB Talk” here.