WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Happy With How His WWE Career Has Gone


Pro-Wrestling Legend turned WWE Superstar Sting can now say he has done just about everything on his bucket list in his pro-wrestling career. Sadly, he was hurt in his last match with WWE at WWE Night of Champions as he faced off with then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins powerbombed Sting twice into the turnbuckle, and Sting did not properly take the move.

Sting has since come out, saying Rollins did nothing wrong and it was all on him for not taking the moves right. After the last powerbomb, Sting could barely move and actually fell to the mat unable to do much for a while. He finally was able to move and finish the match up a few minutes later with Rollins escaping with the win. Rollins actually had to have two matches that night and lost his newly won WWE United States Title to John Cena right before this match with Sting.

Sting was taken to the hospital that night and evaluated as well as treated for his injury. He now has to have neck surgery, but that is not stopping Sting. He claims he will have another match, but if he never does he does seem to be at peace with his career.

Sting RAW

“At least, I have bragging rights now to say that I did WrestleMania, and now I’ve wrestled for the [WWE] world title. I think I’ve done just about everything there is to do, and so I feel good that I can look back and say that I actually did something with WWE.”

Sting also said that if WWE ever did induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, he would want Flair to be the one to officially induct him. We can all pretty much assume by now that Sting will go in. He’s one of the most deserving on the list, even though he is “technically” still active.

Despite most of his matches being loses in WWE, he can say he did what he always wanted to do. He wanted to work a WrestleMania match and did so. He also wanted to say that he fought for the most coveted prize in wrestling, the WWE World Heavyweight Title. While others will claim that certain other championships mean more, the WWE World Title has been held by legends from all walks of life. There are very few who ever get an opportunity to wrestle for it, much less hold the title even one time.

HHH Sting WM31

Sure, we all feel like having Sting come in much earlier would have been a far better thing than around 15 years after he could have done so. However, he came in later on and has done well in the time he has been with the WWE.

While we may not be happy with his career in WWE so far, Sting being happy with it should be good enough for fans. Sting does feel he’ll be able to come back to the ring after his neck surgery. It is hard to know if he’ll be able to after, but if Sting feels confident he can and doctors clear him to return, we’ll see Sting wrestle at least one more match before retiring from the ring for good. If his career is over, he did have a good run whether we felt he should have won his matches or not.

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