Massive Cylinder-Shaped UFO With Strange Lights Filmed Over New Jersey [Video]

A witness from Hamilton Township in Mercer County has reported sighting and filming a mysterious massive cylinder- or barrel-shaped UFO that hovered in the sky above her home and appeared to be under intelligent control. UFO investigators concluded that the object — which exhibited a complex pattern of flashing red, yellow, and green lights that appeared to be communicating a message using a complex symbolic code — was unlike any known man-made flying object.

According to the witness in a testimony filed as Case 58173 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the sighting occurred at about 10:39 p.m. on July 18, 2014, while she stood in her backyard in Hamilton with her husband.

She first noticed a bright red light moving in the sky just above the trees in the neighborhood about a mile away from her position. The light blinked red and yellow in an irregular pattern, and she did not pay attention until it began moving closer.

When she realized there was a strange UFO hovering in the sky, she drew her husband’s attention to it as it came closer.

“Mostly red with a yellow blinking – irregular beat,” she said. “It then moved closer and I realized I was seeing something weird. I told my husband to turn around because I was looking at something very odd. It was hovering at that point, and then moved towards us (closest it got to us — maybe 0.25 miles away).”

The witness watched the light blinking in the sky for about 30 seconds before her husband began filming it. As she watched, the outline of a large UFO became clearer. According to the witness it was a cylinder- or barrel-shaped UFO with a triangular top.

As it moved closer, the red light resolved into four horizontal rows of bright lights, and two bottom rows with green and yellow lights that flashed irregularly.

“Unfortunately the night-time contrast on the phone filming stinks, so there is no differentiation of treeline and sky, and lights are blurred together,” she commented about the quality of the video clip.

She said she could see the object more clearly in the sky with her unaided eyes.

The UFO was not entirely silent, according to the witness. As they watched, it emitted a mysterious sound for a short period of time. She compared the sound to that of a quiet wind machine, but with a slight buzzing noise much quieter than a helicopter. The noise lasted for about 10-15 seconds before the UFO began moving away.

“Then it moved back so quickly, but smoothly, approximately one mile back, began hovering again and the lighting changed to a red X with a greenish irregular blinking light in the middle,” the witness said.

“It moved right to left twice, up and down once, hovering short times in between (all quickly, but so smooth),” the witness added. “It was clear it was much further away at this point and as it was still moving right and down as it went behind the tree line.”

After it disappeared from sight, the baffled couple spent some time debating what the UFO could be and as they debated it appeared again, about five minutes after it disappeared. It flew in the same manner as it did before, moving quickly and smoothly from right to left and then up and down. It paused, and then repeated the pattern of movement before it disappeared once again.

MUFON reports that UFO investigator Robert Spearing concluded that the couple must have seen an “unknown UAV.”

According to Spearing, “After reviewing the witness summary and conducting the database checks, it is determined that the witness observed an Unknown UAV. Witnesses got an extremely good view of object.”

Spearing called officials at the nearby Trenton-Mercer Airport, who insisted that the UFO did not originate from the airport and that the description given by the couple was unlike any known man-made object.

Spearing estimated that the craft must have been a large barrel-shaped UFO, about 35 feet long with an interior space of about 932 square feet and that it was apparently a large craft capable of carrying several passengers.

Spearing describes in detail how he derived his estimation of the size of the UFO.

“Because the object was, at its closest approach, only a quarter mile away or about 1,320 feet and because it was twice as high as a 50-foot pine tree (100 feet) and because it appeared large enough to hold several occupants, I was able to arrive at a size for the vehicle’s diameter. One degree of the sky is the equivalent a thumb held at arm’s length. The object, according to the witness, was 1.5 times the size of her thumb at 1,320 feet away. Using the tangent of 1.5 degrees is 34.5 feet. This is the diameter of the craft. The height of the craft was roughly the same minus the conical top. So the craft was 34.5 by 34.5 feet. To get the floor space of the cylinder to determine the amount of room occupants had to occupy the barrel-shaped object we take the diameter of 34.5 feet and half it to get the radius of 17.25 feet. We square that to get 297 feet. Then we times that by pi (3.14) which gives us 932 square feet. Thus we can safely assume this is not a drone but an aircraft of good size capable of carrying multiple occupants.”

Spearing ruled out the possibility that it was a large airplane such as an airliner. He concluded that the UFO was unlike any known man-made flying craft and appeared to have been under intelligent control. He suggested that the pattern of movement of the craft and the flashing lights could have had symbolic meaning intended to communicate a message.

[Image via George Stock/Wikimedia]