Duggar Cousin Amy On Cutting Josh Out Of Her Life: 'Too Selfish To Even Realize ...'

Steph Bazzle

Josh Duggar's cousin, Amy, who occasionally appeared on the family's reality show wearing jeans in stark contrast to the conservative dresses Josh's sisters wore, has a new forum to speak out against her cousin. She's started a blog, and her second post appears to center around the family's series of scandals this year, and hints she's cut Josh out of her life.

The new post doesn't mention Josh by name, but a quick skim of the Duggar kids' so-called 'rebel cousin' appears to confirm, in another way, that she is washing her hands of Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest offspring.

First, there's Amy's blog post.

"I have learned this year that not everyone has good intentions. In fact most people are too selfish to even realize they are hurting you in the process."
"If your so called 'friend' puts you in a vulnerable state then what kind of friend is that after all?!"

Anyway, as for burning bridges, here's what she says.

"I've been cleaning house on who I want to be associated with."

Amy is currently following 245 accounts. They include her cousins Jessa and Jill, their husbands, and Josh's wife, Anna Duggar, of whom Amy has been rather defensive throughout the whole debacle. She also follows the primary Duggar Family account, and Duggar Studios, an account four of her cousins use to promote their videos.

Who, though, is noticeably missing? Oh -- Amy is no longer following her cousin, Josh.

Of course, unfollowing or unfriending someone on social media doesn't necessarily equal cutting them out of one's life, but combined with Amy's own words, and her previous comments about her cousin, it looks as though at least one member of the family is completely done with Josh's behavior.

Getting away from the ripples of repercussion from Josh's actions is a little harder, though, which may be what Amy meant when she spoke of reputation. His is certainly following her, and his sisters, around.

When she posted a while back on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself and Jinger Duggar with the caption "Locked doors lead to happy faces," followers were quick to associate the phrase "locked doors" with Michelle and Jim Bob's explanation in their interview with Megyn Kelly that they protected their daughters from Josh by placing a lock on the girls' bedroom door.

"Do the locked doors have to do with what the did about keeping Josh out of girls room so safe from him?"
"I didn't know if she was referencing the fact that the girls had to sleep behind locked doors after the molestation happened."

"... everyone makes their own choices, but they're not the only ones that suffer."

Judging from her posts, it seems Josh Duggar's cousin, Anna, won't be watching, either.

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