Christmas Recipes 2015: From Timeless Classics To Vegetarian Offerings, There Is Something For Everyone

With Christmas about two weeks away, Christmas recipes are making the rounds. There are recipes available for just about every tastebud, even for vegetarians. Don’t think that because they’re vegetarian recipes that they don’t offer a lot of variety or flavor. Even those who enjoy the traditional Christmas dinner may want to try some of these recipes just for the variety of flavors they offer.

The Guardian gave a list of vegetarian Christmas recipes from writer Nigel Slater that included the ingredients and recipes for all the dishes offered. Offerings included a Winter Root Salad with dressing, roast pumpkin with peanut sauce, a brussel sprouts and saffron soup, and even a dessert: Clementine curd tarts. The flavors vary from creamy soups to tangy puddings. Preparation time is short, and it’s easy to create these dishes because they don’t require a lot of ingredients.

Rib Roast On The Grill Is An Alternative To Traditional Christmas Meats

Cooks aren’t limited to creating meat on the grill as their list of Christmas recipes include dessert too. Consider preparing a Christmas Cobbler or a Peach Cobbler in a dutch oven. The recipes are easy and take less than five minutes in prep time. They also offer a nice alternative to the traditional Christmas desserts of pecan and pumpkin pie.

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without desserts. There are a wide variety of Christmas recipes and bread too. Oregon Live offered 11 Christmas recipes for creating bread, cake, and cookies that are different from the usual offerings. White Christmas Peppermint cake with white buttercream frosting is easy to prepare, and offers an alternative to coconut cake.

Bread lovers will enjoy the easy to bake Spiced Pumpkin-Toffee bread. Pumpkin mini loaves contain a more traditional flavor for those who want something less exotic. Christmas gingerbread trifle adds a twist to the traditional gingerbread cookies while the Springerle cookies will please coffee drinkers.

Mlive listed 20 classic Christmas recipes from their staff favorites. The Betty Crocker recipe for snickerdoodles allows cooks to make this traditional cinnamon favorite to accompany a cup of cocoa. Almond crescents from the New York Times are a simple recipe to prepare, and include real butter as part of the recipe.

Christmas Recipes Offer Far More Than Cookies As These Recipes Show

For those looking to try something new, consider Jan Hagels. They’re a spiced shortbread covered in egg wash and chopped nuts. Bourbon pecan pie bars are a tasty alternative to the traditional pecan pie and much easier to make.

What are your favorite Christmas recipes? What will you be eating for Christmas this year?

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