‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Faces Big Decisions, Patrick And Anna Seek Out Robin, And Sam And Liz Struggle

Port Charles has been filled with drama this month and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more on the way. Everybody now knows that Elizabeth knew Jason’s real identity for months and this has led to some explosive moments. What can viewers expect from the episodes airing during the week of December 14?

We Love Soaps indicates that Jason will make decisive moves on Monday’s episode. He already walked out on Elizabeth, despite her begging him to forgive her, but will he head back to her after all? General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will head back to Elizabeth’s house, giving her hope that he is back for good.

While Liz may be holding out hope for a reconciliation, it doesn’t sound as if that is happening at this point. Jason will be having a big confrontation with Nikolas and there has been buzz swirling that Jason will soon decide to head out of Port Charles on his own for a bit to sort through all that has happened.

Elizabeth and Sam have already had some big blowouts lately, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that there is another one yet to come and this one has Jason right in the middle of it all. The big holiday gala begins this week, and viewers will see Liz show up at the event with a surprise date.

Sam and Patrick split in the midst of all of this, and this lays the groundwork for some big shifts. Viewers have seen that Jerry Jacks is holding Robin hostage, but it is time for her family to rescue her. According to General Hospital spoilers, Anna, Patrick, Emma and Robert will soon band together and head out of town together to go after Robin.

'General Hospital' stars Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]As many viewers are aware, Jason Thompson is leaving the role of Dr. Patrick Drake, and the actor is scheduled to take over the role of Billy Abbott next month on The Young and the Restless. The buzz is that Patrick will reunite with Robin and the two will stay away from Port Charles while Anna and Emma return home at some point, thus explaining Thompson’s exit.

Also ahead this week, Maxie will tear into Valerie while Johnny comes up with a plan to deal with Lulu’s cousin and nemesis. Dante will reach out to Lulu to try to repair their relationship, at least to an extent, but it doesn’t sound like he’s successful.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Sabrina continues to scramble this week regarding her pregnancy. Michael is asking questions, Carlos is keeping tabs on her, and teasers indicate that Monica will be reviewing Sabrina’s sonogram. Will Monica’s involvement expose Sabrina’s lies at last?

Anna and Mac are digging further into Paul’s life and General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy and Paul will start to grow a bit closer to one another once again. Olivia has a gift for Julian and teasers detail that Kristina will be covering up a secret of some kind.

'General Hospital' star Bryan Craig [Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]Morgan was shown feeling frustrated with Carly and his situation last week, and in the coming week his missed dose of medications will lead to some issues. He is clearly struggling with his condition and the challenge of learning to live with it, and it sounds like there are some big ups and downs ahead.

Michael seems to be on the brink of learning the truth about Sabrina’s pregnancy while big things are coming for Robin, Patrick and Emma. Will Jason ultimately regain his memories and reunite with Sam, will he stick with Liz, or turn them both away? Viewers are anxious to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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