Taylor Swift’s Generosity To Fan With Cystic Fibrosis

Taylor Swift has been spreading good cheer, charity, and generosity lately. Maybe it’s just the holiday spirit flowing through her veins. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Swift’s most recent act of kindness was meeting a girl who has cystic fibrosis. Ella Sinclair is an 11-year-old girl from Queensland who is battling cystic fibrosis. She is also one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans.

Previously, Ella’s mother, Rosalie Dillon-Sinclair, tried to write to Swift’s management team and arrange for Ella to meet Taylor Swift before her show in Brisbane, but she had no luck. Ella’s mother said it would be a dream come true for her daughter to meet Swift.

“I think it’s really important for kids like her to still have dreams. For her to meet Taylor would be like a dream come true.”

Then Cystic Fibrosis Queensland got onboard and started the online campaign #ellameetstaylor to make the meeting happen. The campaign was all over Twitter and Instagram.

At first it didn’t appear it had worked, but just a few hours after the show in Brisbane, Taylor Swift’s team contacted Richard Smith, the marketing manager for Cystic Fibrosis Queensland. They wanted to fly Ella to Adelaide to meet Swift before the Monday night show. Ella was overjoyed.

“This was my absolute dream come true. Singing Taylor Swift songs every day has helped strengthen my lungs, which has kept me healthy. I love her so much, she’s such an inspiration. She (Taylor) was so awesome and kind when I met her and seemed like such a lovely person. She thanked me for coming to see her and then told me I was an inspiration. I told her, you are an inspiration to me.”

Taylor Swift is a shining star, even when there are those who seem out to put her down. TMZ recently released a video (made a few months ago) in which Jared Leto gives a scathing critique of Taylor Swift and her music.

After fter listening to a couple of Swift songs, and even liking “Blank Space,” he then rudely said he didn’t care about her.

“F*** her. I don’t give a f*** about her.”

After the video was released, Taylor Swift fans came to her rescue, berating Leto for his remarks, People reports.

Fans spoke out about how he really hurt her fans with his remarks.

@JaredLeto @taylorswift13 You HURT not her BUT YOUR FANS!. Think before speak, arrogant boy @JaredLeto

— InesDeLettonie (@inesdelettonie) December 8, 2015

Leto later responded with an apology on Twitter.

Interestingly, Leto’s fans were very supportive of him when he issued his apology.

It’s true that sometimes life is challenging, not only for Taylor Swift, but also for her boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Daily Mail reports that Harris recently made his Instagram account private after constantly receiving remarks from Swift fans, saying they would rather see her with her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, or even with model Karlie Kloss.

Taylor Swift’s love life and critics aside, the ever-popular star is setting her own path in this world, a path that involves incredible generosity of spirit. In the end, years from now, when Swift is older and has many years of experience behind her, it is her giving nature that people will remember the most.

[Image via Tinseltown/Shutterstock]