‘The Walking Dead’ / ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Would Be Welcomed By Cast Member

The Walking Dead creators have left fans in the dark about what caused the zombie apocalypse. The only thing that has been revealed is that everyone has the virus or whatever it is that is reanimating corpses. But despite the fact that nothing has been divulged to fans, many have speculated on what they think caused the outbreak, including the stars of the shows.

Collider interviewed Cliff Curtis, who stars as Travis Manawa in Fear The Walking Dead, and Curtis has a theory about what caused the zombie outbreak.

“I’ve got a theory that I read online and thought, ‘That’s a good one!’ It’s not on the show, but what I think is a really strong possibility is that all of the government laws around immunization of children and how it’s illegal to not be immunized, so that you have all of these kids who, for generations, are immunized, but then something goes wrong and you have thousands and thousands and thousands of people, all around the world, buying these immunizations for flu shots or to fight bacteria or disease, and we’ve basically become over-immune and our immune system takes over and refuses to let the body die. That’s my theory.”

That’s not a bad theory! Another theory is that the zombie apocalypse never actually happened.

Aside from the question of how the zombie apocalypse started, many fans also wonder if The Walking Dead will ever have a crossover with Fear The Walking Dead. Show creators have said likely not in the past, but International Business Times reports that Kim Dickens, who stars as Madison Clark in Fear The Walking Dead, said she would be into a crossover.

“I think we were just sort of led to believe early on that there was no crossover — it was a little bit different time period, a different story, different location, different characters. But I don’t think it’s anything that’s out of the question. I’m sure the writers would do it in a fantastic way, but I have no idea if they’re going to do it. I would be game for it!”

But whether or not fans know what caused the zombie apocalypse, they are completely loyal to The Walking Dead. Fans now have to wait until the middle of February to see it again. Two and a half months is a long winter break, but according to Forbes, there are a number of shows that The Walking Dead fans can check out during their zombie downtime, such as Arrow, The Flash, AgentCarter, The Leftovers, Gotham, Fargo, The Americans, Better Call Saul, and Game of Thrones.

As for anyone looking for holiday gifts for The Walking Dead fans in their life, they can help their loved ones through zombie withdrawal. International Business Times offers a list of suggestions that are ideal for Walking Dead fans, such as the comic books on which the series is based and the set of DVDs so fans can watch the shows again and again, something many fans are already doing.

Re-watching old episodes of the walking dead cos it’s not back on till February! 😔 #TWD #TheWalkingDead

— hannah louise (@hannahlevans) December 4, 2015

Fans are also bound to enjoy the trivia game, wall calendar, and clothing that are available. For those people who can afford it and have diehard fans in their family, there is also a Walker Stalker Cruise, a three day trip that will allow fans to enjoy time with some of the stars from the show. However, ultimately it is the mid-season premiere that will really cure the zombie blues. Until then, don’t bite the stars of the show, as one fan did to Norman Reedus (played by Daryl Dixon) at the Walker Stalker Con this past weekend. This was Reedus’ response.

February can’t come soon enough!

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