Kate Middleton Turning Into Her Mother? Royals Get Festive And Go Public On Wilko Shopping Spree, Kind Of

Kate Middleton has some gorgeous expressions and unique mannerisms that allow her to stand out among other royals. When coupled with her often-praised physical looks and fashion sense, it results in a Duchess who is an enviable inspiration.

“[N]ot only is the physical likeness – pearly white teeth, conker hair, cute nose, prominent chin – staggering. It has also been revealed that Kate and her 60-year-old mother not only share genes, they share jeans. And jewellery. And mannerisms: they both clench their fists and make their mouths into ‘O’s when excited.”

It’s also been communicated that both Kate and Carole have the same “exuberant laugh” when they hear something funny or a good joke. The Duchess is often seen making appearances and walking along with her hands crossed against her front, which Carole has been spotted doing while in the public eye, as well. To complement, Kate and Carole have equally wide and expressive grins that are endearing and lovely to many who behold them.

Carole Middleton has been noted as being a wonderful inspiration to the Duchess. Carole was raised in the blue-collar class and had hard-working parents who instilled the need to work hard in their daughter and grand-daughters. Although Kate had previously earned a reputation as being all image and no action, while in the royal spotlight, she has since become an active member in supporting a number of charities.

A mother of two, the Duchess of Cambridge has got her plate more full than she has since stepping in to the royal scene, and she continues to be a voice for those who suffer from mental illness. Kate has also started the process to get an organic food line up and running, which she may be partnering with her sister, Pippa, on.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have increased their appearances since Kate has finished her second maternity leave. The two spent a time in North Wales to visit a number of support organizations and education centers. Then, they have recently stepped out to get their own household ready for the festive holiday season. Or, did they? The Mirror reported that a couple with a striking resemblance to the royal couple had onlookers fooled while they grabbed oversized teddy bears in Wilko.

“The ‘Royal couple’ appeared to have nipped into the shop round the corner from their home in Kensington, London and stuffed their baskets full of festive goodies.Onlookers watched as the pair – actually professional Royal lookalikes – stuffed oversized teddies in their baskets.”

[Photo by Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool /Getty Images]