Apple Pulls Ads Claiming Immunity To Viruses

With Apple’s OS X coming under attack by various viruses over the last several months the company has quietly begun pulling wording in its advertisements that claim an immunity to viruses in its popular operating system.

First spotted by Computerworld Australia Apple changed the wording in one of its ads from “doesn’t get PC viruses” to “It’s built to be safe.”

Apple also replaced “Safeguard your data. By doing nothing” with “Safety. Built in.”

The exact time when Apple’s marketing changed its virus ad strategy is not yet known but one thing is for certain, Apple is still attempting to use its virus immunity credibility by simply changing around its jargon to avoid angry users and lawsuits.

Over the last decade Apple has attacked Microsoft because of various malware and virus attacks sustained against Microsoft’s various operating systems. Now as Apple devices have once again gained in popularity hackers are finding ways to circumvent the company’s platform and gain access to user data.

In all fairness to Microsoft it wasn’t that Apple had magically created an unbreakable operating system but rather that the number of users operating on Mac OS X based systems simply didn’t make the platform a worthwhile target.

Apple’s virus based troubles began when the Flashback series of trojan viruses recently reached the open market and forced Apple to release special updates to combat the viruses. Since those attacks Apple has quietly backed away from outright Microsoft virus attack jargon for fear of retaliation as their own OS has become vulnerable.