WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Top Rumors Going Into ‘TLC’ Tonight — Brock Lesnar Return, Title Changes, Daniel Bryan

On Sunday night, WWE will put on TLC and it’s officially the last pay-per-view of 2015, so there is always the chance that something big and unexpected could happen. Seven matches are set and in place, with five of those being title bouts. With so many absences due to injury and time off, there is a lot of talk about some rumors and spoilers that something big and unexpected could happen, and change the face of WWE.

The following information could include SPOILERS for WWE’s big event on Sunday night and beyond. If you don’t want to know what could possibly happen, then you will want to stop reading now.

Three of the biggest rumors going around right now have to do with the possibility of unexpected appearances by one, two, or even three major superstars. Anything is possible, but nothing will actually be known until the PPV arrives.

1. John Cena returns for some reason or another

Now, it isn’t known if John Cena is going to be coming back after a month-and-a-half absence or not, but it’s possible. He was expected back by late December, but that may have changed now that new information has come about in the last week.

After Cena lost the United States Title to a returning Alberto Del Rio, he disappeared from WWE television without explanation. It’s known that he was filming a new reality series, but is he done? Outlet 24 Wrestling reports that Cena could take even more time off next month and that, in turn, makes little sense for him to return now at TLC.

2. Brock Lesnar returns to begin his program for Royal Rumble

What Culture thinks it is possible that Lesnar could return at TLC on Sunday night, but it probably isn’t going to happen. Lesnar’s return is scheduled for the WWE Live Event on Dec. 19, he will be back on Monday Night Raw shortly after that to begin his program for Royal Rumble.

3. Daniel Bryan finally returns and shocks the world

It is not a work that Daniel Bryan has suffered numerous concussions and injuries that have kept him out of the ring for the majority of the past two years. Still, the talk of him retiring and being out for much longer and all that, well, it could have been exaggerated a bit lately.

Forbes reports that Bryan’s career may be over after neck surgery and numerous concussions, but that isn’t confirmed. Bryan has even hinted at and said that it’s possible in the past couple of months, but maybe it’s all a work.

As WrestleZone reported, Bryan said he is working on a “compromise” with WWE in regard to his career continuing with the company. Maybe TLC is the spot where fans could see him again if something has been worked out.

4. Sheamus is retaining his WWE Title over Roman Reigns

This is one that many are expecting, and they simply don’t believe that Reigns is going to win the title again just yet. It’s believed that he will still be heading into WrestleMania 32 as the champion, but his title reign won’t begin this Sunday.

5. Match result rumors

Looking around the internet at different predictions and social media opinions, the overwhelming favorites in the matches are as follows:

  • Sheamus over Reigns
  • Owens over Ambrose
  • Lucha Dragons in Tag Title Match (The New Day are close second favorites)
  • Charlotte over Paige
  • Del Rio over Swagger
  • The Wyatt Family over Team Extreme
  • Ryback vs. Rusev – PICK

TLC is looking like one of the more lackluster events of 2015 considering some of the matches on the card, but the stipulations should make it really exciting. There’s no telling if any of these rumors and spoilers will come true, but fans would truly lose it if Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar show up on Sunday night.

[Image via WWE]