North Korean Propaganda Art says: “United States are Weaklings” [PHOTOS]

Over the past few weeks I’ve been following the news about North Korea and it’s increased sabre rattling. More importantly than what the media reports, though, are the resulting conversations people are having.

north korean artA lot of Americans believe that the US would squelch an Attack by North Korea before it ever came close to their shores. The United States are untouchable and any enemy would be defeated. That belief has been bred into them by parents, peers and the media for generations.

Ever wonder what children and adults alike in North Korea are taught to believe about the United States? That the US is weak and that North Korea will conquor them in battle. The United States and white people have been demonized and portrayed as ruthless killers who need to be defeated at all costs. It’s been bred into them for generations.

North Korean Propaganda Art Photos

The following North Korean propaganda art was published somewhere around 2005, give or take a couple years.

The first one below shows North Korean missiles destroying the White House, the star spangled banner tattered and torn and a North Korean slogan at the bottom.

north korean propaganda art

This photo shows North Korean missiles destroying the Statue of Liberty and the American flag ripped to shreds.


north korean comics

And the one that’s possibly most disturbing since this is what little kids in North Korea picture in their minds when they hear the words American or white mentioned – Caucasian soldiers forcing a father to watch as his baby is thrown into a well.

north korean propaganda

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