Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Know Who Saint West Is, Talks 'Fargo' Golden Globe Nomination

If you were anywhere near social media, it was hard to ignore the birth of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's son, Saint West. The name was tending on Twitter for hours, and every major news outlet splashed the name and a picture of Saint's famous parents across every site.

All of that considered, Fargo star Kirsten Dunst managed to dodge the news of the birth of Kim and Kanye's son. It was revealed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon during a game of Catchphrase. Dunst, along with Fallon, Tariq Trotter from The Roots, and Will Smith played the game on the show.

Each team mate was given a catch phrase to describe to their partner. During the segment, Dunst picked up a catchphrase that said "Saint West" and she immediately looked puzzled, asking, "What IS that?" which earned laughter from the studio audience.

Of course, we're willing to give Kirsten Dunst a pass on this one. The actress has been busy promoting the FX series Fargo, and she just had a huge week as she was nominated for a Golden Globe. After she heard about the nomination, Dunst decided to celebrate way too much.

Dunst made a pit stop to Live! with Kelly and Michael to talk about Fargo, and her nomination. Dunst told the hosts, "I celebrated too much last night. There was champagne and then it was this, and I was like, oh God." When Kelly Ripa asked if she was hungover, since Live! With Kelly and Michael films so early in the morning, Dunst played along with a smile saying, "No, not at all! My mom's watching."

Host Michael Strahan was clearly on Dunst's side and said that champagne was good for her health. Dunst replied, "Then I'm in such good health." Stahan jokingly said, "And your skin looks amazing." The Fargo actress shot back, "Thank you, it's that champagne."

Back in October, Dunst spoke to Variety about making the switch from film to television. As it is, over the last few years, TV has been said to have reached its "golden period" where a lot of the material is exceeding what's on the big screen, especially for women. Actresses such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Lange, Felicity Huffman, and Laura Dern have flocked to television for meatier roles. These days TV has found a way to make audiences fall in love with mini series, which makes it easier to lock such big names into shows because it's a smaller commitment.

Dunst proves this point throughout her interview with Variety.

"I wasn't sure if I was ready to do television, but since it was a miniseries I was all for it. I don't think I'm ready to be committed to a series, especially if it did OK and went for four years and I couldn't do whatever I want. That's a little scary to me. I would do it in a few years maybe, I don't know. I'm into the idea, but it also freaks me out a little bit."
As for the quality of Fargo, Dunst said that she wasn't a fan at first, and actually watched the first season of the show, to see whether or not she was interested.

"I was so impressed by the way it looked, the writing; it was such high-quality television. Then I read the first two episodes and I thought, 'Wow, Peggy is gonna be a special role. Whatever trajectory she's going on is going to be fun for me to play.'"

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]