Lynn Bush, David Bush: 'Fatal Vows' Examines Casper, Wyoming No Body Murder Case On Investigation Discovery Tonight

The Lynn Bush, David Bush no body murder case out of Casper, Wyoming, is the next story to be told on Investigation Discovery's Fatal Vows. Each week, Fatal Vows tells you the story of marriages that have ended in murder. Tonight's Fatal Vows, entitled "Fall From Grace," will reenact the case of Lynn Bush, a missing wife and mother who was presumed dead after investigators deduced that her husband, David Labon Bush, killed her. Her body has never been found. David Bush is currently serving a 45-year sentence in a Wyoming correctional facility. Since his incarceration, he has tried to implicate his own brother as the killer, according to the Casper Star Tribune. On the "Fall From Grace" episode of Fatal Vows, we'll listen to comments made by investigators, experts, and possibly family members who have inside information on the case.


Fatal Vows will review how Lynn Bush vanished on December 8, 1990, after a short visit to the Buttrey's Grocery store. When she didn't return home, David Bush stated that he went to the store and found her car in the store's parking lot the next day with the door open and her keys on the ground. A receipt from the store shows that she had arrived and purchased items in the store. The 26-year-old mother has not been seen since.

Her family doesn't believe for one minute that Lynn Bush would walk off and leave her then, 2-and-a-half-year-old-child. Early on, police were suspicious of David Bush's story. One of the issues that stood out was they wanted to know why David Bush had not contacted the police earlier. There is also the testimony from witnesses who say they saw David Bush speeding away with large bags in the back of the couples truck the day before she officially vanished.


During the investigation, law enforcement officials collected blood from the trunk of the truck and from a vodka bottle that had been located inside the family's home. This evidence wouldn't be useful to them until over a decade later when the DNA evidence was matched to Lynn Lynette Bush. David Bush was arrested and charged with his wife's murder, according to the Star Tribune. The murder trial was held in 2007. Prosecutors were able to establish a timeline that indicated that David Bush was not where he said he was in the days before her murder.

Prosecutors say that when David and Lynn Bush got married, it seemed that they held the same desires and values about how their relationship would play out. Instead, they said Lynn found herself married to an unfaithful man who had several lovers throughout their relationship. Investigators also established that in the days before Lynn Bush vanished, David spent time with one of his lovers. After her death, he even allowed the woman to move in with him.

Investigation Discovery's Fatal Vows will likely explore the idea that the couple's small child had possibly witnessed Lynn's death. A psychologist testified that the child suffered for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to a traumatic event. Lynn's mother stated that her grandchild was having nightmares and making statements related to her daughter's murder.


Documents found at FindLaw state the following regarding the child's statements.

"'Ms. Gordon proceeded to testify that the child "talked about seeing mommy cut in two and put in two holes, and seeing mommy with blood wiped off of her.' Ms. Gordon testified that the child told her that 'daddy had hurt mommy and gave her an owie' and 'would talk about mommy being cut and daddy cutting mommy.' She testified that the child told her 'Mommy is where the Christmas trees are,' 'Mommy got her head split open,' 'Daddy shot Mommy,' and 'Mommy is in Kaycee.' Ms. Gordon testified that on one occasion the child took a toy knife, acted out cutting her belly and said, 'This is how my mommy got cut.' Ms. Gordon testified that the child consistently indicated that it was 'daddy' that had hurt 'mommy. The child also said that 'daddy said don't say anything to [Ms. Gordon]' and 'daddy said he would kill [me].' During one counseling session, she told Ms. Gordon her 'mommy is dead,' she is 'in the mountain,' and 'Daddy is bad.'"
Today, David and Lynn's daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman. As for David Labon Bush, he was found guilty in his wife's death. The case is listed among several where a person was convicted without a body. To see how Fatal Vows lays out the case tonight watch the show at 10/9 central on Investigation Discovery. The Inquisitr also brought you Fatal Vows' coverage of Shari Bethel in a previous article.

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