Man Arrested After Trying To Bring Gun Into Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World

Danny Cox

As concerns about public safety are brought into the spotlight around the world and the news is constantly filled with talk of gun control laws, some just try to push things too far. A Miami lawyer was arrested last week after he attempted to bring a gun into Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Making matters worse was that he tried to joke about it when questioned by police.

WFTV reported that 36-year-old Andrew Gerson was arrested after trying to enter the theme park with the weapon on his person.

Outside the front entrance of each park at Walt Disney World, there are bag check areas where Disney security looks through each bag. One of the security guards searching through bags noticed a bulge in the pants of a man trying to walk through.

That man was Gerson.

When the situation came about last Friday, Gerson was questioned about the bulge in his pants and joked with the security guard that it was part of his anatomy. Deputies later found out that the "bulge" was a snub-nosed revolver with five hollow-point bullets in it.

As Local 10 reported, the deputy was following Gerson from a good distance, but that was when things picked up. Gerson realized he was being followed so he took off and started to run away.

The sheriff's deputy took out his weapon, pointed the gun at Gerson and ordered him to stop where he was. Gerson did stop and listened to the deputy, following orders. The lawyer admitted to the deputy that he was indeed armed and dropped down to his knees.

The sheriff's deputy walked up to Gerson, disarmed him, and placed him under arrest. Orange County Capt. Angelo Nieves was happy with the way the apprehension took place and said that it went exactly as it should have gone.

"He did the right thing. He offered the commands, the subject did obey and surrendered to the deputy."

Andrew Gerson was charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and later bonded out of jail.

A representative for Walt Disney World did speak on the matter and said that any incident such as this is taken seriously.

"We immediately engaged law enforcement and the matter was resolved quickly and without incident. Our policies are clear, and we have zero tolerance for any violation of them."

Disney states that if a guest brings a gun on property, it must be locked up in the safe deposit boxes at the front desk of their resort and not in a room safe. If guests bring it to the parks, it must be left in their vehicle or checked with security upon arriving at the park entrance.

On-Duty law enforcement officers who have jurisdiction at the Walt Disney World Resort are the only ones who may carry a weapon.

Earlier this year, a man brought a gun into Universal Studios Hollywood and was looking for his ex-girlfriend, who was an employee at the park. The man had been estranged from his ex-girlfriend for months and was said to be stalking her.

Upon finding out he was in the park and seeing him standing outside her place of employment, the woman called park security. When they arrived, the man took out a gun and shot himself, which killed him instantly.

Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Walt Disney World do have bag check locations at the entrance of each theme park, but no metal detectors or wands. Some have called for them, and lawyer Andrew Gerson trying to bring a gun into Magic Kingdom is only going to have more requesting them.

[Image via Danny Cox]