Wrapping Up The Holidays

Nothing says you care the way a special gift does when wrapping gifts for the holidays. Sure, the tears of gratitude come later, but the initial reveal can be just as heartwarming as the anticipation.

The best thing about this time of year is warmth shared with others through the presentation and joy filling the faces of those surprised by the wrapping. And sneaky little devils tend to give subtle hints of the gift through the paper by using creative ways of constructing their own unique paper or presenting in inimitable ways.

Still, others choose a particular standard of having “green” paper that has been recycled, like that of Cliff Cordes and his shop Norman’s Printery that originated in 2012. The printing company Cordes Printing was started in 1974 by his grandfather. In order to keep people wrapping with class they design, print and ship butterflies and birds, plaids and geometrics, maps and lunar scenes, as well as refined metallics to garb your gift, complete with holiday gift tags and cards.

For your holiday gift recipients who are a bit more discerning, try wrapping their gifts with designed paper created by Jon Han, Josh Cochran, Paulina Ho, and Elise Peterson, plus many others with an array of colors and designs you’d need to see to believe. Over 2 million products from over 140 countries have opened in New York’s Tictail Market and will be opening the doors in Paris and Stockholm this month.

Some people prefer to think out-of-the-box and outside the wrapping by giving gifts that don’t require any wrapping paper at all. These gifts concentrate more on the thought of time, rather than personal belongings. When you know your loved one is a beer connoisseur, you may choose to seek out a local brewery for a tour and a special gift basket depicting beers from a variety of countries. Discovery is always fun, and when your loved one finds out how dry-hopping works or the varieties of yeast used, the style of fermentation, and even the ingredients used makes drinking the brew more worthwhile.

Speaking of discovery, what about the joy of nature this holiday season? That is something that comes in a wrapping all its own through Mother Nature. Taking a majestic horse ride on a guided trail to experience nature firsthand without any experience. The fortunate ones get to embark on nature the way no one else has ever seen, wrapping themselves in the glories of nature.

Let’s not forget those who add a personal touch to everything they do and everything they’re wrapping this year. These people are geniuses and always searching for more creative ways to show of their genius while giving gifts. Mashable has 10 terrific ideas for adding a meaningful touch to the artistic side of your giving that’ll blow your socks off from tote bags to balloons and everything in between to keep your holiday festive.

For people who want holiday wrapping that is so in tune with them and the people they’re giving gifts to, personalize your paper with photos. Wrap.me literally creates holiday wrapping paper from photos you’ve taken whether the last year’s photos, a few choice special moments, or shared moments with you and the receiver. This is paper they won’t want to discard when they’ve opened their gift, and it may even shadow what’s inside the package.

No matter what gift you give your friends and families this holiday, make sure they can tell it’s from you before they open it. Give the gift that says how you feel before they see what’s inside. You can do that by gifting them twice, with the gift inside of the thoughtfulness of the giftwrap. What a great way of wrapping up the holidays!