Arnold Peralta: Honduran Soccer Star Killed

Andrew Galbreath

Soccer star Arnold Peralta was allegedly murdered by drive-by shooters in a shopping center car park while he was on vacation in his home town of La Ceiba, Honduras on Thursday, December 10. He was 26-years-old.

The former midfielder for Scotland's Rangers was found dead in the shopping center after being gunned down by two men allegedly riding on a motorbike. He suffered 18 gunshot wounds. As of today, no suspects have been identified, no arrests have been made, and the motives of the attackers remain unknown. Investigators have recovered eleven 9mm casings from the murder scene at Uniplaza mall in the Honduran coastal city, and plan to analyze CCTV footage to find out more about the attack. Police have ruled out robbery as a motive since no belongings were taken from Peralta's person, and there was no attempt to steal his Porsche SUV.

The soccer star's father, Carlos Peralta, expressed his grief at a news conference confirming his son's death.

"This is terrible. They killed my exemplary son. I can't say more because of the pain I feel."

"We won't rest until those responsible for this act are identified and detained so that they can face justice," the government said.

Osman Madrid, vice president of the Honduran soccer federation Olimpia, stated, "This is a tragic death that the national sport mourns."

Peralta was laid to rest earlier today after a mass at San Isidro Cathedral in La Ceiba. Mirrorreported that the funeral was attended by hundreds of people, including friends, family and Peralta's wife, Vanessa, who was out shopping with him when he was murdered, as previously noted by Inquisitr.

"Our country is facing difficult times with so many criminals killing so much, as though killing is fashionable!" he wrote, as reported by the LA Times. "These sorts of people don't deserve to be alive."

Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world, frequently spurred on by gang warfare, the LA Times further noted, giving shocking figures for the troubled nation.

"Among countries not officially at war, Honduras, population 8 million, is one of the most violent places on Earth. The homicide rate in its major cities is about 12 to 21 times the rate in Los Angeles."