Man Claims He Got Foster Child Pregnant With A Syringe

A man’s 13-year-old foster child became pregnant, and he’s accused of raping her. However, his excuse for how she ended up with child brought out the anger of the prosecutor looking over his case. New York Daily News reports that a Nebraska man, Brandon Weathers, denies raping the young girl, but his excuse for how she ended up pregnant is downright stupefying.

While defending himself in court, Weathers claimed that he used a syringe to impregnate the 13-year-old foster child. He said he did it because it was something the teen wanted. He said he used the syringe to get her pregnant because it was “something she dreamed of.”

Brandon Weathers, Convicted Of #SexualAssault After Saying He Impregnated His Foster Daughter With A Syringe ~

— ARC (@AnonRoughCoitus) December 12, 2015

Prosecutors during the trial surrounding this astounding case have called his excuse “cockamamie,” and apparently everyone else agreed — because Weathers was convicted of child sexual abuse. The teenager’s testimony during the trial also helped in sealing her former foster dad’s fate.

The victim, who is now 15-years-old, told the court that she was subjected to frequent sexual assaults — both through oral and vaginal sex — which resulted in her getting pregnant at only 13-years-old. Omaha.Com/World-Herald News reports that the Nebraska man represented himself during the trial — which evidently didn’t pan out the way he had planned.

The teenager, who testified in court on her 15th birthday, recounted a span of sexual abuse that lasted for the two months that she had been in the Weathers’ home. She told the court that she was a virgin before entering the home. The girl said that the abuse happened “more times than she could count.”

Brandon Weathers and his wife became foster parents for the victim and her 10-year-old sister back in 2013 — even though the man has a reported laundry list of past felony convictions. He had done at least two different stints in prison, with three felony convictions. He’s been convicted of burglary and theft related crimes — which evidently didn’t negatively affect his ability to foster children in his home.

Had a camp counselor not overheard the teen talking about the abuse, Brandon Weathers may have gotten away with it. While at camp, the 13-year-old girl reportedly told a brother and sister about “not being a virgin anymore” and that she had sex with “Mr. Brandon.” The counselor ended up calling Child Protective Services with the details he had heard — which sparked an investigation, and ultimately the Nebraska man’s conviction.

On social media, the details of this case are inspiring anger toward the man who impregnated his own foster child. There is also anger over the fact that the man is a three-times convicted felon, who was still legally put in a position of authority over vulnerable children. The excuse he has given for how the 13-year-old girl ended up pregnant is also causing shock — due to just how bizarre of an excuse it is.

What do you think about the excuse given by Brandon Weathers on how his foster daughter became pregnant? Is it even possible to impregnate someone at home with a syringe? Believe it or not, there are tutorials on the internet claiming to instruct people on how to impregnate themselves at home. It appears to be something with a high success rate for couples who struggle to get pregnant. So it seems that the Nebraska man’s story isn’t entirely “cockamamie” like prosecutors claimed. Nonetheless, the evidence against him in the rape of his 13-year-old foster daughter was indeed damning, and now he’s going to do more time in prison.

[Photo: Omaha Police mugshot]