'Star Trek Beyond' Story Teased By Simon Pegg And Justin Lin

The official Star Trek Beyond story wrapped up faster than its co-writer says it should and little else is known. Simon Pegg has taken two roles in the franchise this time, much like William Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy had in the first batch of motion pictures. He's a writer, as well as an actor, for the latest entry.

Pegg's role in the last two films seemed minor, having been almost shrunk from James Doohan's iconic version to the comic relief that J.J. Abrams cast him as. It is yet unknown if that comic relief status will continue, though Pegg has said that he enjoys playing comedic roles. His comedic side can also be seen in his lesser-known trilogy, which started in Shaun of the Dead, and his recurring role in the Mission: Impossible films.

According to the actor, Cross Map says that Simon Pegg and the other writers were given less than half of the time typically allotted to pen the Star Trek Beyond story.

"It was emotional highs and lows all the way because we were under a lot of pressure, because the timeframe was a lot smaller than it would normally be.

"You write a film of that size, you usually get a year or so, but I think we started maybe six months before we went into production, if that. Just under six months and we were already in pre-production, which meant that things had to be designed and set pieces had to be created and the pressure on us to deliver was extraordinary."

We won't know until the Star Trek Beyond release date in 2016 whether the story will suffer from being rushed; but, the film's script is in experienced hands. Simon Pegg is a seasoned writer with over 20 credits to his name. He also revealed that the film will be "spectacular," with added elements of what may be modern philosophy.

Moviegoers enjoyed a similar subplot in Into Darkness, in which Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) was reprimanded for revealing the ship to a tribe of nomadic aliens in an effort to rescue Spock (Zachary Quinto). The problem was that the idea of space travel might destroy the natural balance of a race of aliens who had yet to even discover space travel technology on their own.

In Star Trek Beyond, the story will allegedly revolve more around exploring new planets, bringing back the element of exploration from the original TV series. Director Justin Lin confirmed this, according to Movie Pilot.

"They haven't really gone on their five-year mission, so what we experienced in the TV show hasn't been touched on yet. There's still a lot to be mined from these characters, and the mission sets up an opportunity for exploration and the deeper you go, the more you are examining humanity. Those are the things that I absorbed as a kid and hope to tap into and embrace and celebrate."
Simon Pegg has also revealed that he's actually not a fan of trailers for films like Star Wars, because they give too much away.
"Just wait. Be patient. Sit in that movie house and let it all be a surprise. That's the best way to watch a movie."
Much of the Star Trek Beyond story could be ruined by too many trailers, something that the rest of Hollywood seems to be ignoring. By the time a movie hits theaters, sometimes fans have already seen half of the film's most memorable moments. In the case of Minions, the trailers were almost an abridged version of the movie, only lacking a twist or two. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has had so many teasers and trailers that fans are wondering if there will be anything new, other than discovering why Luke Skywalker is missing from all promotional materials.Justin Lin has come out and said that he's planning to also bring back the banter between characters such as McCoy (Karl Urban) and Spock, adding the classic sense of kinship for the Star Trek Beyond story.

Will you be skipping the trailers to experience the Star Trek Beyond story fresh for the first time? What do you think of the film returning to its classic elements?

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