Nicki Minaj Retorts To Her Haters On Twitter In The Best Way Possible: ‘Can’t Stop Me From Being Great’

Nicki Minaj is at the center of yet another Twitter feud.

But if you are thinking Nicki has run into a clash with another music icon on Twitterverse — that haloed space mostly reserved for online name-calling and ego-duels — you are mistaken. Her latest Twitter beef is not with a contemporary artist, no, this time Nicki Minaj is in the news for retorting to critics in the best way imaginable.

Both fans of Nicki Minaj and people who keep tabs on the ever-evolving world of Twitter wars would know that Nicki is not the sort of lady who would back down if she feels targeted, and so when critics (posing as her fans) commented that Nicki Minaj’s popularity was down to her body rather than her music, it was only natural for Minaj to voice her opinion in the way that she did.

As E! Online reports, it all started when Bossip — an entertainment news site — began a Twitter discussion bemoaning the lack of female rappers in the industry. One would think that it is a fair point to make, insofar as its veracity does not get sidetracked because of some random statements by some random people. But that is exactly what happened, and when Bossip retweeted the following statement by one such user, it was time for Nicki to come out in full force.

This is what Bossip retweeted, “Yep, men are visual creatures they don’t care if you can sing…That’s why Nicki had to buy an a** to blow up! #Fact.”

Like she almost does, Nicki Minaj caught wind of the remark, and decided to give them all a piece of her mind.

“I’ve gone toe to toe with everyone of your favorite male MC’s. To undermine my skill & diversity as an MC is actually comical @ this point,” Nicki wrote. “If a male rapper was on tracks with Wayne, Jay, Eminem, Kanye, etc going ROUND 4 ROUND he’d b hailed as a GREAT as well. Jealousy is a disease.”

Furthermore, Nicki Minaj went on to say that people not giving her credit for her music will not stop her “being great” — a claim perhaps stretched too far — but nonetheless acceptable within the context of the discussion.

And then there was that extra tinge of race added into the discussion, something which can hardly be ignored when Nicki Minaj is the one being talked about.

“To imply someone’s a** is the reason they get on tracks and hold their own with every great MC who is still alive. Black people, do better.”

Finally, Nicki signed off by saying that the greatest achievement of her haters will be to continue hounding her online, and it will always be a strong motivation for her to be herself.

Not all of this went down well with the critics, of course, but Bossip managed to redeem itself by making fun of the whole situation.

And while some people saw the humor in it, some others got behind the female rapper, saying that Bossip‘s retweeting of sexist statement deserved the wrath of Nicki Minaj.

But Bossip was unrelenting, which did not amuse many people.

So what do you think about Nicki Minaj’s reactions to the tweets demeaning her character — and by extension — her music? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]