Jennifer Aniston Gives Pal Courteney Cox Relationship Advice, Not Reason For Cox’s Romance Troubles

Jennifer Aniston has had her share of relationship woes leading up to her now solid marriage to actor Justin Theroux. It seems the Friends beauty is using her own experience to assist pal and actress Courteney Cox to steer her towards working out her troubles with her current flame.

Amidst rumors of a split between Cox and Johnny McDaid, sources are saying that Aniston is by her friends side, coaching her to work on the problems Courteney and Johnny have experienced as of late.

The Belfast Telegraph reports on the lead up to the rumored split.

“At the end of November (15) it was claimed Courteney and her Snow Patrol fiancé had called time on their engagement 18 months after he popped the question. Neither has confirmed the news, but insiders say Courteney is leaning on those around her during this difficult time, including her former Friends co-star Jennifer.”

Courteney, who was married to actor David Arquette, with whom she shares an 11-year-old daughter named Coco, has reportedly appeared distressed in her relationship with McDaid since the beginning of 2015. Sources shared as to the apparent troubles the two have been facing.

“Courteney and Johnny had been rowing for months – mainly over his constant stalling over their wedding. Jen’s telling Courteney to be patient and has drawn on her own experience with (husband) Justin (Theroux), after waiting three years to wed following their engagement. She knows how much Courteney loves Johnny and worries she’s let the pressure of a wedding ruin what they have. She’s urging her not to give up on him – even if they need therapy to work through some of their issues.”

Jen is definitely knowledgeable when it comes to quick, yet extended, engagements. She and Justin became engaged after one year of dating, back in 2012. The couple waited to tie the knot until this past summer in a secret and intimate ceremony at which Cox was a guest.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for Cox and McDaid, who were introduced back in 2013 by their mutual friend, Ed Sheeran. The couple became engaged in June, 2014 and it seems things have been a bit rocky ever since. Cox was reportedly spotted this month without her engagement ring, which has lead to speculation that the two are calling it quits, yet nothing has been confirmed.

The source relayed how distraught Courteney seems at the moment, and as noted, the news as to whether the wedding is still on, has not been verified.

“She’s totally heartbroken and while she appreciates Jen’s point, she isn’t sure if their relationship is salvageable.”

Unfortunately, untrustworthy tabloids have twisted this story to put a negative spin on it and suggesting that Cox blames Aniston for the troubles with Johnny. The National Enquirer attempted to push this angle, however, reliable sources have come forward to indicate that this claim is completely false. Aniston was made out to be the pushy friend who insisted that McDaid marry Cox as soon as possible, yet Jen was not involved in the troubles Cox had with Johnny and did not push the two to hurry up with the wedding. Movie News Guide shares about the falsities of the claims against Aniston.

“[T]he split between Cox and McDaid had no relationship with Aniston’s so called ‘meddling’ or commitment issues.”

It’s wonderful to know that the two Friends stars are still solid in their real-life friendship and are able to support one another in the good and bad. Cox was, after all, not only invited to the super-secret backyard Aniston-Theroux wedding, but was also invited along on their honeymoon in Bora Bora. Now, that’s a solid bond!

[Feature Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Darin Pfeiffer Consulting]