Masika Kalysha Pregnant: Fetty Wap Denies He’s The Father Of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star’s Child, Wants Paternity Test

Masika Kalysha is pregnant, but instead of happy days the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star could have some drama ahead as rapper Fetty Wap is publicly denying that he’s the father.

Kalysha announced her pregnancy on Friday, sharing a post in Instagram showing her still-small baby bump and letting the world know the happy news.

“These past 6 months have been crazy.. But I’d do it all over again just to have you baby,” she began her caption. “My perfect sweet glory…You’re everything I’ve ever done right. My personal connection to the sun. I love you to an extreme that I’ve never achieved… Now I know my purpose in this life cuz God made you for me.. Mommy #6months.”

While the Instagram post didn’t reveal the father, Masika Kalysha later appeared on Power 106 to reveal that tidbit.

When asked who was the father, Kalysha took and long pause and then said “Fetty.”

But, the “Trap Queen” rapper has other ideas. Not long after Kalysha announced the news, Fetty Wap released a statement to E! News strongly denying the allegation and essentially calling Kalysha a groupie.

“Masika is pregnant, allegedly by Fetty Wap,” the rapper’s rep told E! News. “I didn’t see Fetty or a paternity test confirm this allegation. Masika is known for being an industry jump-off, and her lil announcement was very calculated.”

Masika later hinted to TMZ that there could be a marriage proposal in the future, but Fetty Wap reportedly denied this claim, as well.

Fetty Wap spoke on the matter himself, posting on Twitter a message calling out Masika Kalysha and claiming that her pregnancy post was really just a money grab.

“B****Pes posting pics now the world going crazy, she need a come up I understand that career looking bad,” he wrote in a tweet that was later deleted, “Just sit back n watch lol…It gotta be my money cause I sho ain’t handsome …”

Masika Kalysha wasn’t letting the negativity get her down. After sharing the pregnancy news, she tweeted a message thanking fans for all their support.

“All love and positivity over here. Thank you for all the love and support. You guys are the best…S/o 2 all the #workingmothers still making it look good. I’m proud to be one of y’all. #pregnantandpumps.”

It has been a very eventful year for Fetty Wap. The 24-year-old rapper, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, had his breakout hit with the 2014 single “Trap Queen,” reaching No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hop 100 chart in May. He followed that up with two other top ten singles, “679” and “My Way.” He released his first major studio album in September.

“Even if the album don’t go anywhere, that doesn’t mean nothing to me,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I did what most people said I wouldn’t do. And I overcame, I guess you could say, a lot of rookie boundaries. I just shot past what a lot of people expected. Selling the album is what I’m supposed to do in the music industry, not what I wanted to do.”

That same month, Fetty Wap got into a serious motorcycle accident in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. He collided head-on with another vehicle, TMZ reported, and ended up getting a splint on his leg.

Fetty Wap was “Responsive” according to individuals on scene before being taken away. Last pic for proof. See bike 2.

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) September 26, 2015

Masika Kalysha has not shared many more details about her pregnancy, including the expected due date. She has also not publicly responded to Fetty Wap’s denial that he is the father and request for a paternity test.

[Image via Masika Kalysha/Instagram]