Diamond And Silk: 2 Black Women Who ‘Stump For Trump’ Face Backlash From African Americans [Videos]

Diamond and Silk are two black women who are growing in popularity on YouTube, but also are facing plenty of backlash because of the way they are supporting Donald Trump. As seen on World Star Hip Hop, a video of Trump asking Diamond and Silk to “do a little routine” has gained approximately 500,000 views on that site alone.

Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — better known as Diamond and Silk — rose to fame after appearing on CNN as clips of their viral videos from their The Viewers View YouTube channel began to grow in popularity after being used on TV. Using broken English, Ebonics, lip smacking, neck rolling, and other terms that make the African-American community bristle, Diamond and Silk are gaining so much backlash from blacks that the duo are placing derogatory comments from African Americans on their Wall of Shame.

With “The Donald” making a big play for the African-American vote, Diamond and Silk are being viewed as the type of black women that don’t represent the fabric of the black community. Many of the opinions about Diamond and Silk aren’t publishable, but a gander through the tweets about Diamond and Silk on Twitter give readers an idea of the backlash.

The most-viewed videos from Diamond and Silk show that the YouTube video titled “

MEGYN KELLY STARTS A WAR WITH DONALD TRUMP AT THE DEBATE” has gotten nearly 1.5 million views since August 7.

“Megyn Kelly, who do she think she is? She is trying to destroy our future president Mr. Donald Trump and we won’t let that happen. Here is our take.”

With Diamond and Silk yelling and hollering in such a video, viewers have wondered aloud online if Diamond and Silk are a comedy act or real Trump supporters. The consensus among those online writing about Diamond and Silk are that the Trump campaign must be paying the women plenty of money to act that way — even as Diamond and Silk’s latest video, titled “Table Talk Episode 6: Donald Trump, The Media and why Rahm Emanuel must Step down,” describes meeting Trump and the Secret Service surrounding him.

Diamond and Silk have publications asking WTH?! for the “Stump For Trump,” black women, like the Chicago Defender— a longtime African-American publication — asked. Other publications take their derision against Diamond and Silk farther, such as when they were called token blacks and “coontastic” Stump 4 Trump women by Hip-Hop Wired.

Despite all the backlash from the black community and black Twitter, Diamond noted in the latest video that she’s going to keep acting the way she’s acting and being herself, with all the neck rolling and manner of speech and such. Silk seems more of Diamond’s sidekick in the popular videos, interjecting her thoughts and the “Amen” chorus from time to time.

“Donald Trump’s play for the black vote continues. At a campaign rally in North Carolina on Friday, the controversial Republican presidential candidate called on two black women to champion his cause. [The rally was held at Dorton Arena in Raleigh, N.C., Friday, Dec. 4, 2015.]”

“Known as the ‘Stump For Trump Girls,’ [Diamond and Silk] first made waves when they endorsed Trump for president on CNN back in August. Now, the ‘Internet sensation’ duo has taken things up a notch by doing “a little routine.”

Diamond and Silk’s first video about Trump, titled “

Dump the rest of those Chumps and vote for Donald Trump in 2016” appeared five months ago on their YouTube channel. After the Republican presidential candidate that is “The Donald” announced his plan to temporarily ban Muslims from the U.S., Diamond and Silk once again threw their support behind Trump. With the backlash continuing over the controversial duo, it’s yet to be seen if Diamond and Silk will help or hurt the Trump campaign.

[AP Photo/Ted Richardson]