LA Parents Look To Sue School Board After Daughter Wasn’t Named Valedictorian

A California couple is considering suing the Los Angeles Unified School District on allegations that their ranking system is flawed as their daughter was failed to be named the Valedictorian despite having a 4.50 weighted GPA and not once receiving a B.

Their daughter, 18 year-old Elisha Marquez, is set to attend Stanford in the fall despite being awarded the honor of Salutatorian for her accomplishments. This still very distinct honor will go along with her acceptance to multiple Ivy League schools, an engineering internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a scholarship through the Gates Millennium Scholars program, according to the LA Times.

Apparently, the student that actually earned the Valedictorian title for Eagle Rock High School came in at 4.55 GPA, .05 points higher than Marquez. That student, Jasmine Fernandez, evidently had the opportunity to take extra AP classes as a freshman in the magnet program, netting her those extra .05 points towards her ending GPA.

Elisha’s mother, Carol, now claims that her daughter’s “sleepless nights” spent doing homework in high school was all “for nothing.”

“It’s flawed. It’s wrong,” said Carol.

“All her hard work is not being recognized. All she had was straight A’s. Not a B, ever.”

Claiming an “injustice”, Elisha’s parents are considering suing the LAUSD for not awarding their daughter the coveted award for all of her handwork.

“They’re robbing the students of the credit,” said Nelson, Elisha’s father.

“If you know in your heart you did your best, what else can you do? It’s based on the system that you’re ranked lower, not based on achievement.”

Now that graduation is done, speeches have been made and the situation is over, Elisha’s father still feels that something must be done despite the other parent’s issues with their objection.

“They’re not in the situation,” he said. “You don’t want your kid to be a loser. That’s what they’re basically saying. Be a loser,” adding,

“At the end of the day the grades speak for themselves.”

Do you think these LA parent’s thought to sue the school board are outrageous? Or should they both have been awarded Valedictorian for their efforts?