Aubrey O’Day Needs Her Dogs On Plane With Her Or She’ll Lose Her Bananas

Aubrey O’Day is certifiable, according to real, white-coated mental health professionals. Go figure.

According to TMZ, one of O’Day’s doctors gave the reality TV starlet a official document allowing her to bring her dogs with her onto an airplane. A Virgin America Airlines representative said that O’Day was allowed to tote her two dogs with her onto a 1st class flight this week because they’ve been officially registered as “Emotional Support Animals.” How do you get animals on board as “emotional support animals?” Well, it’s simple. You have to be crazy. And then you have to have a doctor’s note that says you’re crazy.

According to Virgin America Airlines, you can bring pets onto one of their airplanes with you, but need a letter from a licensed mental health professional that draws out the reasons why you would need your pet on the plane to keep you from losing your marbles. The letter has to provide a clear link between a passenger who “has a mental health-related disability,” and their need to have their pets close-by for the benefit of his or her mental health.

O’Day’s specific mental health issues aren’t really known at this time and no one has been able to get a comment from her on the matter. In the photo, she appears totally calm and peaceful with her pups, reports Examiner. The V.A. said O’Day was “incredibly sweet and polite,” and was a “great guest.”

O’Day wouldn’t comment to TMZ directly regarding the story, but did Tweet “lol, Hilarious! ‘@TMZ: Aubrey O’Day — I Have Mental Health Issues'” after the story was published.

Do you think Aubrey O’Day is crazy? If not, here’s a video!