Source: Lindsay Lohan Not Getting Along With “Liz and Dick” Co-Stars

Yet again the news is not on the side of troubled star Lindsay Lohan. Sources close to the scenes in her newest movie “Liz and Dick” say that Lohan is running around the set acting like a diva, that she has a horrendous relationship with co-star Grant Bowler and that the footage shot so far looks awful according to The Daily.

Everyone has heard about the big issues that Lindsay has had on set so far. She got into an accident, rear ending a truck on the way to work earlier in the month. She also passed out on set, needing paramedics to help revive her.

Now one source is telling Star Magazine that she often shows up more than two hours late for work and “rarely knows her lines”

The source also told Star,

“The crew is fed up with Lindsay because they have to spend so much time dealing with her diva antics and, in turn, trying to soothe Grant’s battered ego,”

The producers hired Grant Bowler to play Richard Burton (Dick) just before the start of filming. The reason for the late addition of Bowler was that Lohan was demanding Lifetime network bring in Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr. or Brad Pitt.

One insider said,

“She was delusional. This is a made-for-TV movie. There’s no budget for a big star.”

The Star also reported that the lack of chemistry between Lohan and Grant is producing terrible results on camera. According to another source, “the footage so far has been just awful,”

The actress’ publicist, Steve Honig, reacted to the reports on Flash,

“Lindsay and the cast and crew have become a tight-knit family and are collaborating on what will be an amazing film.”