Cow Truck Overturns On I-20 In Mississippi Accident, Crash Spills Cows Onto The Highway [Video]

After a cow truck overturned on Interstate 20, anyone who witnessed the Mississippi accident was probably tempted to say, “Holy cow!” The crash spilled hundreds of cows onto the I-20 highway after the 18-wheeler truck overturned at I-55 south at the stack.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, over 4,000 cows now “sleep with the fishes” after a ship sunk near Brazil. The sunken ship also released many of the dead cows onto the nearby beaches.

Fortunately, a limited number of cattle died after the cow truck overturned onto I-20 in the middle of night. Jackson police said the driver of the 18-wheeler accidentally made a wrong turn, and the resulting I-20 crash released about 100 head of cattle onto the interstate.

“He was supposed to go one way instead of the other and tried to make that turn,” Tracy Funches of Hinds County EOC said, according to WAPT.

The driver of the overturned cow truck was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Clarion-Ledger reports that some of the cattle died in the I-20 accident. Since the crash took place at 3:30 a.m., this meant it was still dark, and with visibility being low there were reports of other drivers crashing their cars into cows.

“One that got hit by a car is the worst. Two or three are banged up,” said Curt Massey of Massey Cattle Co.

Stockyard employees were called in to wrangle the herd, but some of the cows escaped the interstate roads and started roaming in nearby neighborhoods within Jackson, Mississippi.

“The guys here handle cattle for a living and they were contacted and came right on,” Funches said.

The survivors of the cow truck accident will be held at Massey’s stockyard in Jackson until they can be shipped to an insurance company. Massey said there were a few cows left unaccounted for in previous reports, but it’s possible that they were all captured as of this publishing. Police also said about 110 gallons of diesel fuel spilled out onto the highway. The highway accident has already been cleaned up and Interstate 20 was opened up by the middle of morning on Friday.

Multiple videos of the cow truck accident have begun to make their way online.

[Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images]