PiperWai Natural Deodorant on ‘Shark Tank’ -- Shark Smells Armpit After 5-Mile Run [Spoilers]

Paula Mooney

PiperWai is a natural deodorant that was featured on an episode of Shark Tank that aired Friday, December 11. As seen on the PiperWai website, the natural deodorant began when owners Jess and Sarah wanted deodorant that was natural and effective.

"It all started when Jess, Chief Maker (and PiperWai CEO), decided she'd had enough of the toxic stuff, the bad stuff, used in conventional deodorants. So she set off to make a pit potion like no other. One that wouldn't burn. Wouldn't make her stink. And one that used entirely natural ingredients in an entirely effective way."

"After bunches of batches, she found a formula that worked. And this formula was put to task by her life-long best friend, Chief Tester (and PiperWai CFO), Sarah, on a trip to the sweatiest place of all – South America. It held up! Sweaty stink was no more. Sarah proclaimed, 'We need to sell this because it will change people's lives!' And thus PiperWai was born."

Lori Greiner said she tried every brand of natural deodorant, ones without aluminum, and she agreed she couldn't find one that worked. Lori was bold enough to sniff the PiperWai model's armpits after she'd gone on a five-mile run, and said the woman smelled fine. As such, Lori wanted a 35 percent stake in the company.

The PiperWai owners asked both Lori and Barbara if they'd consider going down to a 25 percent stake in the company. Barbara eventually agreed, just to beat Lori and go with her gut.

The PiperWai women said their product costs $11.99 plus shipping -- although they currently have a "PiperWai Shark Tank Special - 2 Jars for $22" sale going as of this writing -- for the products they make for less than 3 bucks. The PiperWai entrepreneurs say they've found a formula that works by their natural product targeting the bacteria that makes armpits stink. It isn't the sweat that's foul smelling; it's the bacteria.

As reported by Heavy, when one of the PiperWai founders visited South America and found it to be a "million degrees" there, and discovered that the PiperWai really worked, the company's focus was solidified. PiperWai contains activated charcoal in the cream, a trend in the beauty industry with masks and soaps. Activated charcoal was added to PiperWai because it was believed to help gastrointestinal issues when ingested. The PiperWai founders believed there was only one other natural deodorant with charcoal for sale, but called it a messy powder on the market with charcoal.

"From then on, PiperWai became more than just a product – it became a lifestyle. A force for good. A way to make a difference simply by making a choice. Because what you put on your body should work naturally."