Is Profesional Jealousy Behind The ‘Real Housewives’ Feud Between Kyle Richards And Sister Kathy Hilton?

It seems that the Real Housewives are taking a back seat of the drama that is the Richards/Hilton family. Between real estate battles, addiction, shoplifting, and being banned from Beverly Hills hotels after starting drunken fights, they have it all. At the heart of it all is real estate all star Mauricio Umansky, who seems to fans as the rational port in the storm of crazy. He married into the Richards family by marrying Kyle Richards, and is now at the center of sister Kathy Hilton’s ire.

According to the Inquisitr, the last episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills focused on Kathy Hilton toying with younger half-sister Kyle Richards and inviting and disinviting Kyle and her family to daughter Nicky Hilton’s second wedding in London. At the end of the day, only Richards and her oldest and youngest child were allowed to go to the wedding, while husband Mauricio Umansky and two other daughters were left without an invite. This was seen by many fans as one of the tackiest social moves of the season.

But what could have possibly started all this much ado about nothing? Why turn a wedding celebration into a petty squabble? RadarOnline says it is all about Kathy and Rick Hilton being envious of Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky’s success in real estate. Umansky was named this year on the Wall Street Journal‘s list of top real estate agents in the United States.

“Mauricio wanted to be a partner in Hilton & Hyland but Rick would never make him one,” the source told Radar. “He just kept putting him off and putting him off. Mauricio finally quit Rick’s company and started his own company, The Agency.”

Rick Hilton was holding Umansky back, and so he left and started his own company, and has had unprecedented success. This has ignited a great deal of envy with Rick and Kathy Hilton.

“This destroyed the relationship with Rick but there was nothing else for Mauricio to do. He wanted to be a partner and Rick just wasn’t doing it for him.” The move was lucrative for Kyle’s spouse. Umanksy was rated the No. 6 top-producing real estate agent in the United States by the Wall Street Journal and the website The Richest listed Umansky’s net worth at $100 million.”

But Reality Tea says that despite being upset that Kathy Hilton is forcing others to choose sides, Kyle Richards is living her dream life with Mauricio Umansky and family.

“We obviously have our moments, but we’re a really good match. Watching the show has made me realize how well we get along with each other!”

Richards also agrees that her sister Kim’s struggles with substance abuse will always be present, and add another element to the struggles between the sisters.

“People were like, ‘Poor Kim.’ I felt like, ‘Wait I’m confused. I thought we were the victims!’ It made me realize it is a disease, and she can’t help this. And I’ve handled things differently since then.” Including the realization that this won’t ever be “fixed” completely.

“I’m always waiting for the end, like when is this over? When can we put this away? But you can’t ever do that with an alcoholic. I’ve had to learn that. And I’m still learning.”

All three sisters grew up with an alcoholic mother “Big Kathy,” who put her younger two daughters to work at an early age.

Hopefully, Kyle Richards can work things out with Kathy Hilton. If not, she seems to have a solid base with Umansky and daughters without the intrusion of the Hiltons.

Do you think it was rude of Kathy Hilton to only invite half of her sister’s family to Nicky Hilton’s wedding?

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