‘Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster Downsizing While Ex Mohamed Hadid Is Supersizing And Facing Criminal Charges

Real Housewives star Yolanda Foster and her former husband Mohamed Hadid are headed in opposite directions on the Southern California real estate scale. While Foster is reducing her square footage and opting for a condo while she rebuilds her life from the trauma of Lyme Disease, ex husband Mohamed Hadid, father of Foster’s three children, Bella, Gigi, and Anwar, is building a bit of a monstrosity which has him in some legal hot water.

According to the Inquisitr, Yolanda Foster isn’t the only family member to be ravaged by the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Both Bella and Anwar Hadid have had their own struggles with the tick-borne disease. Yolanda Foster revealed that two of her three children have had their own strange voyage through the world of Lyme Disease, which leaves sufferers fatigued and achy to say the least. Though Foster had been mum about the Hadids and Lyme Disease, they all went public when Foster received an award for making Lyme her mission in life.

While fans got their first real glimpse at Yolanda Foster’s condo on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, including her medicine closest which rivals many clinics, TMZ reported that Mohamed Hadid is building a mansion that looks like the Starship Enterprise.

“The city has been after Hadid’s construction company for years. The main house is 30,000 square feet — 9,000 more than the City of L.A. approved. There have been other violations, according to city officials, but Hadid’s company allegedly just kept going, blowing off the building dept.”

But this is no longer a civil dispute with angry neighbors; it’s a criminal issue.

“Hadid’s company was charged with 3 criminal building complaints, but on Wednesday a judge ruled the father of Gigi and Bella Hadid is now also a defendant.”

Neighbors are saying that the mega-mansion isn’t just an eyesore, but a threat to their lives, as it is built on unstable ground and will crush them in a landslide.

While rumors are swirling that Hadid is aiding his former wife in her relocation to condo living after announcing her plans to divorce musician David Foster and leaving her Malibu estate, Hadid is facing some big questions about how he got his hands on the land where he is building his manse, according to the Daily Mail. Neighbors had been clamoring for Hadid to be added to the criminal complaint, which includes a claim that Hadid stole land from his 89-year-old wheelchair-bound neighbor to build a retaining wall.

Daily Mail Online revealed in July how Hadid’s 89-year-old wheelchair-bound neighbor Carole Cramer had accused the developer of stealing her land to put up a retaining wall for his property.”

Cramer insists that Hadid defamed her, saying that she was not using the land anyway.

“‘He’s a terrible man,’ Cramer, who once sung with the Tommy Dorsey Big Band said. ‘He came into my garden and told my gardener I have so much land and that I don’t use and said I was a b****,’ she added.”

And Cramer is not the only one who claims that Hadid has pilfered her land. Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie has joined the complaint.

“Another neighbor, Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, also claims Hadid built a retaining wall on her property. She is suing for $90,000 saying the work ‘cut the roots to the family’s cherished eucalyptus tree causing it severe damage and putting it at risk of falling over.’”

But the worst part according to neighbors is that Mohamed Hadid is building the huge house on spec, and doesn’t even have a buyer. The man who has built for Ritz-Carlton and other notable high-end names might have finally met his match with the building of this residential property.

Do you think Yolanda Foster’s ex Mohamed Hadid should face criminal charges for this estate that is looming over the property of others?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]