Travis Barker Talks Scott Weiland And Drug Addiction

Though it will be weeks before the toxicology report is ready to fully understand the death of Scott Weiland, other artists like Travis Barker are coming forward to speak of the loss and how drugs have been the death of many in their field. Barker believes that drugs got the best of the former Stone Temple Pilots front man.

According to the Inquisitr, Weiland’s current wife says that he was clean, and there is no way his toxicology test will come back with anything but perhaps alcohol. But police have revealed that cocaine, sleeping pills, Vicodin, and pot were in reach of Weiland’s body when he was found unconscious. Officially, Weiland succumbed to cardiac arrest, but the toxicology report will reveal if drugs were the cause. Weiland was known in the past to have issues with drug addiction.

Spin Magazine has revealed that Travis Barker knows what he speaks of when he says that drugs suck artists down. He says that when drugs get the best of you, Scott Weiland is how you end up.

“Whatever you’re masking when you’re doing drugs gets more severe the more you mask it,” Barker continued. “Every day you’re doing it more and more and you’re never facing what you’re running from — whatever that is.”

Travis Barker narrowly survived a plane crash, and when the accident happened, he was a drug addict, and had been for quite a while. He says that it took needing morphine to help him find his way out.

“I was addicted to drugs for a long time and the only way I was able to stop doing drugs was being in a plane crash and having morphine for four months when I didn’t want it,” he said. “That’s what it took for me to get sober.”

According to Billboard, Travis Barker said he admired Scott Weiland, and when he first met him, he thought he was great, and had an amazing amount of talent to contribute to music. But he adds that you never know what kind of demons someone is battling. Barker said that his son has asked him about greats who died too soon.

“My son at a young age asked me what happened to John Bonham. What happened to Elvis Presley? What happened to Marilyn Monroe? I explained to him that all these people who you know as these huge icons or rock stars died because of drugs or alcohol.”

Barker considers himself lucky that he came out of the other side, and didn’t become an entertainment statistic.

“It’s sad. For me, I’m a good example — I had to go through it and experience it and it’s possible to still be a bona fide rock star and not be a drug addict. You can get through it. Find other things to get addicted to, like boxing or music, what got you in the business in the first place. Having children was a constant reminder for me to get my shit together.”

Loudwire says that Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine reached out to Weiland to warn him that he was headed down the rabbit hole.

“At the end of the tour, I said, ‘Look Scott, you’re gonna be huge, you’re gonna have money, you’re gonna have drugs, you’re gonna have p–sy and it’s gonna be everywhere.’ And I said, ‘If you do anything, stay away from heroin.’ And I probably should have said, ‘Do as much as you can,’ because he did the exact opposite.”

Though Weiland’s talents were greatly admired, there is a consensus that he was going to pass at a young age due to excess.

Do you think drugs contributed to the death of Scott Weiland?

[Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff/AP]