'Dance Moms' Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller's Fraud Case Incorporated Into Season 6, Premiere Date Revealed

Season 6 of Dance Moms is on the way and there is a lot of drama ahead. Abby Lee Miller thought she was on top of the world as she was throwing herself into opening her Los Angeles branch of the Abby Lee Dance Studio. As many fans know, however, she has a new legal issue brewing and teasers for the Season 6 indicate that this will be addressed in the new season. What Dance Moms spoilers are known so far about the season ahead?

Entertainment Tonight shares a big Dance Moms spoiler preview for Season 6. Though some might have expected that Abby Lee Miller would try to keep her new court case away from television screens, the promo video shows that it may well be an integral part of the season. Though the court case is just in the early stages right now, fans know that it involves allegations against Miller of fraud related to a bankruptcy case she had a while back.

There is a federal case against Abby alleging that she hid more than $750,000 during her bankruptcy case. It is said that the judge in the case saw Miller on television and made the connection to the bankruptcy case, questioning why her assets and income had not detailed any of her reality TV income. Miller has pleaded not guilty at this point.

According to Deadline, Miller's attorneys are asking for more time to prepare their case. The Dance Moms star was indicted on October 13 and her plea was entered on November 2. One extension has already been granted to her legal team, and now they are requesting a second. Rather than being due in court on the matter on December 17, Miller's team is hoping to push things out until February 1.

Abby was indicted on 20 counts of fraud and she could be facing $5 million in fines and up to five years in jail. The Dance Moms spoiler preview for Season 6 shows the moms learning the news of the fraud case and it seems that they may not be all that anxious to lend their full support to the dance instructor.

The preview showcases plenty of drama and tears to come in the new season, and there is a fresh competition component as well. The first part of Season 6 will be centered in Los Angeles, and there is talk that dance guru Debbie Allen and her dance studio might be entering the mix as the moms get frustrated with Miller's antics and lack of availability. Granted, these moms and girls will surely stick with Abby when push comes to shove, but that doesn't mean there won't be a lot of chaos as it all plays out.

All of the regulars from Season 5 are returning for this new season, but there will be some new faces, as well. There is a mini-team that Abby will develop, surely as a way to start building new stars for the show as some of the older dancers start looking toward other opportunities. Dance Moms spoilers have also indicated that Brynn Rumfallo, a dancer already familiar to show fans, had been added into the mix of things for this new season.

The Season 6 'Dance Moms' crew
[Image via Abby Lee Miller's Instagram]Season 6 of Dance Moms premieres on Lifetime on Tuesday, January 5. While Abby Lee Miller may be missing from a number of episodes in the new season, due to the fraud case as well as a supposed fight with a show producer, fans are anxious to have new episodes on the way and they will surely be tuning in to catch up on all of the latest drama.
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