Leah Messer Disses Corey Simms, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Brags About Relationship With Jeremy Calvert?

Leah Messer appears to have just majorly dissed ex-husband Corey Simms on Twitter. Two months after Simms was awarded with primary custody of Leah Messer’s twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, the Teen Mom 2 star is doing what she can to save face, and her latest attempt appears to take aim at her ex-husband.

In response to an In Touch Weekly magazine article, which spoke of Leah Messer’s second husband Jeremy Calvert’s recent appearance at one of Ali’s school events, Leah Messer took to Twitter, where she appeared to hint that Calvert’s co-parenting skills far exceeded that of Simms.

“Prime Example of Coparenting and doing the RIGHT thing for the little innocent hearts involved!!” Leah Messer wrote on December 9, citing her twins with Simms.

While the tweet wasn’t directly addressed to Simms, nor would it be as he deleted his Twitter account months ago, Leah Messer sure seems to be claiming that what Simms has done to her has hurt their children — and it wouldn’t be the first time.

In October, after losing custody of the twins amid allegations of drug use, Leah Messer claimed her twins were “miserable” living with their father during an interview with Us Weekly, via Radar Online, and stated that her daughter Aleeah had threatened to run away from their home. She even claimed Simms only filed for full custody of their twins so that his child support payments would be reduced.

However, in photos of the children, which are often shared on the Instagram account of Simms’ father, Jeff, the girls look completely happy, especially after welcoming a new baby into their family. As fans of the show have surely heard, Simms and his wife, Miranda, welcomed a baby girl last month.

Although Leah Messer reportedly claims she’s the victim of a fraudulent court case, Simms remains as the children’s primary custodian, and despite her claims of fighting back against him, there doesn’t appear to be another court date set to reassess the situation after Simms was deemed a more responsible and reliable parent, who can offer more stability to their children.

While details regarding Leah Messer’s court battle aren’t completely clear at this point, it was reported by In Touch Weekly that Messer’s loss of custody was the result of her failure to get her girls to school on time, or at all. On Teen Mom 2 Season 6, fans watched as Simms complained about this issue during a conversation with Leah Messer, wanting to know why he or his wife weren’t contacted when she couldn’t transport them in time. During one particular episode, Simms made it clear that he would like to help if that meant his girls would get to school, but Leah Messer did not want his assistance.

However, while Leah Messer is said to have taken a turn for worse after filming the new season of the show, she reportedly claims Simms and his wife convinced their daughter’s school to lie about their attendance records so that she would be stripped of custody.

“[Leah Messer] knows that Corey and Miranda are close with the girls’ teachers, and thinks they used those friendships to their advantage,” a family insider told Radar Online last month. “She believes the teachers actually faked records.”

Leah Messer and the cast of Teen Mom 2, including Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska, will return to MTV next year for Season 7. However, last week, Evans announced she had exited the show mid-way through production.

[Photo via Leah Messer/Facebook]