Joey Feek Cancer Update: Joey Strong Enough To Get Out Of Bed To Play With Daughter Indiana

Joey Feek, of the country music duo Joey and Rory, has been fighting a fierce battle with cancer that has left her confined to her bed. That is, until now.

Since Joey was diagnosed with cancer last year, her husband and duet partner Rory Feek has been documenting her battle on his blog, This Life I Live. He has also been sharing regular updates about Joey with their fans on Facebook. On Friday, December 11, Rory posted a heartwarming photo of Joey and Indiana sitting on the floor playing together. While this may not seem like a huge task, Joey has recently been so weak that she hasn’t been able to walk or get out of her bed at all. Therefore, her being strong enough to not only play with her daughter but get out of bed to do so is a major accomplishment.

In the photo, Joey can be seen sitting on the floor with Indiana as she works on teaching her signs. As usual, Joey’s smile is beaming as she looks into the camera, holding up a flash card for Indiana to see.

Rory captioned the photo by saying, “It’s 60 and sunny outside today and even brighter inside.. Joey’s out of bed teaching signs to Indy on the floor.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer last year, three months after she gave birth to Indiana. Shortly after her diagnosis, Joey underwent a radical hysterectomy and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Although she seemed to be getting better, in mid-October, her doctors discovered that her cancer had not only returned, but it had spread to her colon. Because there was nothing left for them to do, Joey made the difficult decision to stop treatment and enter hospice care to spend the rest of her days, however many that may be, surrounded by her family and friends. Despite Joey’s prognosis, the singer hasn’t given up hope for a miracle. She has remained strong in her faith and insists she can beat this disease.

On Monday, December 7, Rory shared some very exciting news with his and Joey’s fans. He revealed that their version of the song “If I Needed You” had been nominated for a Grammy.

“…woke my bride up this morning with a baby in my arms and the news that our version of ‘If I Needed You’ was nominated for a Grammy.

As her excitement and tears flowed into mine. She said, ‘how can that be?’

….the song received no radio airplay… no press… no critical acclaim… and the only music video we made for it was to celebrate the day our little Indiana was born.

God is so good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Speaking to the Tennessean, Rory spoke about his wife’s reaction to the nomination and her new goal: to live through February.

“Joey and I woke (Monday) morning just thankful for the chance to have another day to be together,” Rory said. “That was enough. When you honestly don’t know what tomorrow will bring, you don’t think any farther than today. But hearing the news brought not only tears and smiles, it has brought us hope.”

“If I Needed You” – Joey+Rory from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

February is a big month for the Feeks. Not only are the Grammy Awards in February, but Indiana’s second birthday is February 17, and Joey + Rory’s album Hymns That Are Important To Us is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day.

“Joey set a personal goal (Monday) morning of being here for all three,” Feek said. “She’s so faith-filled and determined, don’t be surprised if you see us sitting in the audience at the award show, holding hands and smiling when they open the ballot and read the winner’s name.”

[Image via Facebook/Joey and Rory]