Mom of Drunk Driving Victim Sent Bill For Street Clean-Up

A grieving South Carolina mother’s tragedy was compounded when she received multiple bills to reimburse the city for clean-up from the drunk driving accident which claimed her son’s life. Justin Walker was killed by an illegal immigrant driving drunk in Greenville, South Carolina. The driver, Anna Gonzales, plead guilty in the drunk driving case in 2011. Last week Walker’s mother, Loretta Robinson, appealed to the local court about the accident related bills which were causing her both emotional and financial distress, Fox News reports.

Robinson told the South Carolina judge that she has been unable to work while dealing with the tragedy of her son’s death. She insists she cannot pay the bills she keeps receiving from the fatal drunk driving crash. “I had to pay to have the vehicle moved and the street clean up from Justin’s blood on the ground,” according to interview excerpts from a WYFF interview with Robinson.

Walker died at the scene on White Horse Road after being struck by the illegal immigrant who was driving drunk and without a South Carolina driver’s license. Robinson had to pay for storage for her son’s wrecked car for months before the case went to trial. She could not understand why she was receiving the bills even though her deceased son was not at fault in the drunk driving accident.

The grieving parent told local media that opening the mail and seeing a letter which reads “charge to the deceased, Justin Darryl Walker,” was emotionally overwhelming. Robinson also stated she does not expect to receive any money from the woman who killed her son while driving drunk. Gonzales was been sentenced to 17 years in prison for causing Walker’s death.