27 Year Case Of The Hiccups: Man Turned Away For Surgery By Hospital

A Tennessee man has been turned down for surgery by a local hospital after claiming to have had an awful case of the hiccups for the past 27 years and counting, according to WCYB.

Bob Taylor of Bristol, Tennessee says the he has tried every trick in the book. From standing on his head and drinking water, to eating a spoonful of mustard, nothing has been able to cure him of his unbelievably annoying condition.

“[I] stood on my head, drank water, sugar water,” said Taylor, but none of them worked.

The defeated man says the hiccups have been there for 27 years, and there’s absolutely nothing he can do that will fix it.

“I lay in bed at least an hour or more before I doze off. I wake up in the morning, still there,” he said.

Taylor has visited his local hospital, but the doctors say that his case of chronic hiccups isn’t serious enough for them to operate on.

“The VA said they could operate on the nerve in my stomach, but it wasn’t serious enough,” he explained.

“To me it’s serious.”

“They can operate, I really don’t care what I have to go through to stop them,” said Taylor.

According to doctors, nerve causes the diaphragm to have spasms, which ultimately results in hiccups. There is even a medication to help with the spasms.

“There are medications for people with chronic hiccups, so we try and use these when nothing else works,” said Dr. Grat Correll.

According to MSN, cases of chronic hiccups have lasted longer than 27 years as a man developed chronic hiccups in 1922 and dealt with them all the way up to 1990 when they stopped. The man died one year later at the age of 97.

How long does it take before your case of the hiccups drives you insane?