Safaree Samuels Dishes On Current Status With Ex Nicki Minaj, Explains Diss Track ‘Love The Most’

Safaree Samuels may be busy promoting his newly released mixtape, It Is What It Is Volume 2, but it appears Safaree is also taking some time to respond to fans’ questions regarding his past relationship with ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

During a promotional interview for his highly anticipated new mixtape, Safaree opens up about the mixtape’s final track, titled “Love the Most,” which made headlines earlier this year after Samuels dropped the track in response to Minaj’s current relationship with rapper Meek Mill.

Not long after Meek Mill dissed Safaree on social media and engaged in an all-out diss war with Nicki’s labelmate Drake, Samuels took to the recording studio to write “Love the Most” in which he raps about the demise of his 12-year relationship with Nicki Minaj, E! News reports.

In the track, Safaree accuses Nicki of flirting with other rappers during their longtime romance before attacking her relationship with Meek Mill, “That’s between me and you, it was always me and you / We ain’t do this off opinions / It was only me and you / Then you let somebody new come and whisper in your ear / Didn’t think he woulda told you that was my biggest fear.”

Now, nearly six months after Safaree released his Nicki diss track via iTunes, Samuels is opening up about his current status with ex Minaj while admitting his reluctance in releasing “Love the Most” given his history with Nicki.

In an interview with AllHipHop, Safaree dishes on the popularity of “Love the Most” and explains that it was his fans who encouraged him to keep the track on his new mixtape.

“The response was crazy, I got like 4 million plays in just one day. All my other stuff I was never getting stuff like that… despite the topic and all the controversy and everything going on around it,” Safaree explains.

The “Lifeline” rapper further admits that he initially didn’t want to include “Love the Most” on It Is What It Is Volume 2 but explains that fans encouraged him to keep the track because it was relatable and represented a different sound for his new mixtape.

Speaking on the emotion that went into recording the song, Safaree explains, “I couldn’t even… it was hard to do that. I don’t want to sound sappy, but it was really hard to do that. I wrote it and it was like, ‘Okay, cool…’ but then when I started saying it… I had to stop and sit out of the [recording] booth for like two hours and redo it.”

As for whether or not Safaree and Nicki are still on speaking terms following the release of “Love the Most,” Safaree laughs before concluding, “Absolutely not. I can’t even remember the last time that we spoke or had any type of interaction.”

The news comes just weeks after sources close to Safaree revealed the rapper’s plans to file a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj for unpaid credits on her most successful albums.

According to Safaree’s sources, who say that Samuels will file a lawsuit against Minaj “imminently,” Safaree is looking to obtain a portion of Minaj’s royalties from albums like The Pinkprint, Pink Friday, and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in addition to her collaborative tracks like, “Only,” “Feeling Myself,” and “Flawless (Remix),” TMZ reports.

Currently, Nicki Minaj continues to heat up engagement rumors with Meek Mill after one year of dating the “All Eyes On You” rapper. Recently, Meek Mill gifted Minaj a stunning diamond ring that Nicki continues to wear on her ring finger, however, sources close to Nicki Minaj recently explained to TMZ that the duo aren’t engaged “yet” but are looking to tie the knot “soon.”

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