Heather Ciccone: Who Wrote ‘I Love U’ On Slain Woman’s Car?

The hunt for Heather Ciccone’s killer continues with authorities in Spotsylvania, Virginia asking for help from the public. WRIC reports that authorities are asking if anyone had seen the car driven by the slain woman on the night that she was last seen alive. There is also an odd detail that is not being clarified by authorities, or anyone in the mainstream media covering this tragic homicide. Who wrote on the back windshield of Heather’s car?

The Sheriff’s Office in Spotsylvania County is looking for any information they can get on the car that was driven by Heather Ciccone the night she was shot dead and left in a stranger’s driveway. When the police located the silver, four-door Kia, the victim’s body was inside the vehicle. There was also writing on the back windshield which has not been fully addressed in media reports.

Someone used a white marker to write the words,”I (heart) U,” on the back windshield and included a smiley face with the message. No media reports have clarified whether or not this writing was on the car before or after Heather Ciccone left her parents’ home the night she was killed. Was this writing done prior to the shocking crime that ended the life of the 21-year-old woman or did the woman’s killer do this to leave a demented message? Again, authorities have not specified if there is any significance to writing on the back windshield of Ciccone’s car.

Just days before Heather Ciccone was shot dead and left in her car, she had taken to social media to complain about someone who had been allegedly stalking her. Her public Facebook profile shows a variety of comments and discussions with her loved ones about a mystery woman who had not only been stalking her on social media, but the still unidentified woman had also allegedly driven by her home and threatened to harm her. The identity of this mystery stalker has not yet been confirmed by authorities or loved ones of the slain woman, and no suspects or persons of interest have been named.

While authorities look for Heather’s killer, their investigation has led to the discovery of her cellphone. Investigators have confirmed that critical texts were found on the phone, which may lend a hand in solving this case. However, the nature of the texts has not been clarified by authorities; much like the condition of her car when her body was found. Furthermore, authorities in Spotsylvania County have also not clarified how or where they found the cellphone belonging to Ciccone.

Wow what a beautiful young girl #heatherciccone.. Found dead so unfortunate. To young to go hope they find who did this

— Arbër Emerllahu (@Arber_Em) December 11, 2015

If you have any information about the death of Heather Ciccone, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office wants your call; especially if you recognize the car shown in the police handouts. Any information or details on a potential sighting of the vehicle could prove useful in bringing a killer to justice. Meanwhile, the loved ones of Heather Ciccone are mourning the loss of someone they’ve described as “a great aunt” and a warmhearted person.

Photo: Heather Ciccone Facebook Profile