Instagram: Popular Eyexam Account Features People Putting Stuff On Their Eyeballs

Social media sites are outlets for individuals to share their points of view, meet up with friends old and new, share stories about daily life, and show off our creative sides. An account on Instagram has taken the creative outlet aspect of social media to an entirely new and cringe-worthy level.

Some of the images on the Eyexam page are disturbing and may be too much for some viewers to handle.

The Instagram account titled Eyexam focuses on the human eye. Specifically placing objects on the eye, as well as in the eye socket. As weird and gross as the images on the page are, over 100,000 followers have visited the page and continue to do so to see what odd and potentially painful images will pop up next. Metro reported on the site, stating that no one should try to recreate or improve upon the images at home. Instead, leave it to the professionals, if there are any.

After viewing the site, it is safe to assume that none of the images should be attempted at home by anyone, especially the person who runs the page.

Buzzfeed reported on the page in the recent past, showcasing some of the most cringe-worthy images, such as paperclips shoved into the eye socket and glitter on the eye ball. Many of the images show objects placed just outside of the eye, such as snowflakes, chains, and a rooster. Others show objects tucked neatly into the eye socket, like the paperclips, a safety pin, and a screw. Yet, some of the more disturbing images showcase items directly on the eyeball, such as glitter, paint, and ink.

Along with the eclectic array of objects placed in and around the eye, the person who runs the page tends to focus on a specific color during each photo session, as well as the occasional seasonal theme, such as skeletons and snowflakes.

Although mostly acting alone, a couple of the images include a second person, as well as animals like a cat or a rooster. The newest image promises to reveal a full selfie if 10 people like the image.

The selfie has not yet been posted.

It is unknown who actually runs the page or why they have become obsessed with sticking things in their eyes. However, the page description advises on how to take high-quality images of your own eye and advises people to post with #EYEXAMPIC to get their image seen. It also lets everyone know what the next color focus will be.

Of course, no one should place foreign objects in or around their eyes, especially in the same nature as the Instagram page.

Visitors to the page have had mixed reactions to the images. InsertUniqueNameHere posted that the page coerced watery eyes just by looking.

“Oh god no. Nope nope nope. Eyes are not for sticking things in. My eyes literally started watering looking at this I think I scared them.”

Lilso44b046ff9 feels that the page is a grasp for attention and that the pain is not worth it.

“We live in a society that needs attention and for these people this feeds that need. Wow. Not worth my eyesight.”

Shell18241 summed up the page rather simply, basing its existence on the sheer number of likes it receives.

“Morons. Just plain stupid. But it gets ‘likes’ so…”

What are your thoughts about the page? Do the images make you cringe with each scroll of the mouse? Do you think it is a simple publicity stunt, maybe a good Photoshop job? Are the images real and the subject matter of someone seeking attention from the online community? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo Via: Eyexam/Instagram]