‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Family Torn Apart By Her Husband’s Real Estate Business The Agency

By now, fans are very accustomed to seeing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards feuding with her sister, Kim Richards. However, recent developments on the hit reality show reveal that Kyle’s family issues run deeper than her squabbles with Kim. In fact, Kyle’s latest family drama involves her husband, Mauricio Umansky, and his real estate dealings with her older sibling, Kathy Hilton.

Kyle’s troubles with her older sister started after Umansky decided to stop working for the family’s lucrative real estate business in order to start his own company. Umansky made this decision after Kathy’s husband, Rick, helped him learn the ins and outs of the trade. Following his departure, a rift began to develop between the two families that has only grown wider in recent months.

“Rick and his team wouldn’t make Mauricio a partner, even after years of working there and a lot of success. So he left,” an inside source told E! Online. “Now, Mauricio is not welcome at any Hilton events. It puts Kyle in a terrible position because she always has to choose between her husband and her older sister.”

More specifically, the insider continued to reveal that Umansky was not completely honest in his dealings with Kathy’s husband. It was because of this mistrust that Rick and Umansky eventually had a falling out.

“There are problems between Kyle and Mauricio and Kathy and Rick, and that is because Mauricio went behind Rick’s back when he started his business,” the source added. “Rick did everything for Mauricio to get him started, he gave him clients, he introduced him to people. And then when Mauricio set up his own company, he did it covertly and informed Rick via email. Mauricio was not made a partner as he was not being 100 percent above board and so there were trust issues.”

The feud between the two men has bled over into the lives of the rest of their family. In fact, the drama between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton has already surfaced during this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to Heavy, the feud between the siblings reached a high point when Kathy told Kyle not to come to her daughter Nicky’s wedding. Although Kyle was eventually re-invited to the event, she still admitted that her relationship with her sister is not something she is proud of.

“I don’t even know how to describe, nor do I know how to describe the relationship between my sisters and me,” Kyle stated. “It’s just really bad… Obviously this is not something that makes me feel good.”

At the same time, the most recent episode of the show revealed that the true reason Kathy did not want Kyle at her daughter’s wedding was because of Umansky. Apparently, there are still some unresolved issues between Umansky and Rick, and the former’s appearance at the wedding would not have gone over well.

Meanwhile, although her husband continues to make her family life complicated, Kyle remains firm in her belief that he is a perfect match. In fact, Kyle does tend to get along well with her husband, with whom she has been married to for almost 20 years. In a recent interview with People, Kyle and Umansky discussed what makes their marriage work and why they’ve been able to remain together for so long.

“We’re best friends,” Umansky stated. “We actually enjoy each other. She’s funny, she makes me laugh. I don’t have big guys nights out; Kyle is the person I want to spend most of my time with.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues its sixth season Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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