Michael Douglas Dyes Hair for Upcoming Liberace Role

Wall Street actor Michael Douglas has reportedly dyed his normally silver locks brown for an upcoming movie role.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the 67-year-old star showed off his new look when he stepped out for dinner over the weekend in Beverly Hills with his wife of 12 years, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

While some have reported Douglas dyed his hair in an effort to appear more youthful, the Daily Mail points out Michael’s sudden change from grey to brown was, in fact, for his upcoming role in the upcoming HBO film, Behind The Candelabra.

In the film, a biopic which focuses on gay actor/musician Liberace’s relationship with a younger man, Douglas is all set to star as the fabled and flamboyant pianist.

Good Will Hunting star Matt Damon has also signed on to play Douglas’ lover in the flick and will reportedly share a kiss with the actor.

“I never thought I would get to kiss Michael Douglas,” Damon told People magazine few months back. “I kind of think of it in algebra terms, back to my high-school days. It’s like the transitive property — by kissing Michael Douglas, I am making out with Catherine.”

Steven Soderbergh will direct the film, having worked with both Douglas and Damon before, in Traffic, and Informant! and Contagion respectively.

Behind the Candelabra has been in the pipeline since 2008, with a planned summer 2011 shoot delayed. A release date is yet to be announced.

Readers chime in with your thoughts on Michael Douglas’ new look: Do you prefer Douglas as “silver fox” or are you digging the new brown do? Are you looking forward to catching Behind the Candelabra when it hits TV screens in the near future?

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