Beth Shak Sued By Ex-Husband Over Shoe Collection

Beth Shak is a professional poker player. Due to her huge collection of high heels, she’s also known as “the lady with a thousand shoes.” But her nickname may soon change. The poker player’s ex-husband, Daniel Shak, has filed a lawsuit over the huge shoe collection, claiming that Beth kept her high heels a secret during the split.

Daniel now wants 35% of his wife’s shoes.

Shak, a wealthy hedge fund manager, said that he was unaware of his wife’s extensive collection of high heels during their marriage. Shak claims that his wife kept the collection hidden in their $7.5 million Fifth Avenue apartment.

When the two separated three years ago, Shak says that his wife never mentioned he shoe collection, which according to the Daily Mail, is worth more than $1 million. reports that Beth has shared her shoe collection with various media outlets like MTV’s Cribs and the documentary God Save My Shoes. Daniel, however, claims that he did not find out about the collection, which includes 700 pairs of Louboutins, until last Summer.

Beth said:

“He is saying he didn’t know the closet in our master bedroom existed…. How could I possibly hide these things? It would be ludicrous, it would be insane.”

Daniel said:

“I take offense at her statement to other media outlets where she says I am claiming to have no knowledge of her master bathroom closet.”

Here’s a video of Beth Shak on Closet Confessionals.

The Daily Mail reports that Shak’s collection of shoes is worth an estimated $1 million. Shak says that she purchased her shoes from her poker winnings but previous estimates place Shak’s earnings at under $1 million.

Shak said:

“When I have poker winnings the first thing I do is treat myself to a pair of shoes. I’ve done well with my poker. I don’t have complaints.”

Do you think Daniel Shak is entitled to a portion of his wife’s shoe collection?